NEM Application Development Services

Augment the Security and Performance of Enterprise Operations

NEM Application Development Services

Oodles develops customized NEM blockchain applications with high throughput applications for stable, efficient and secure enterprise transactions

Our NEM Application Development Services

Oodles develops applications to execute all types of business transactions with built-in features of NEM blockchain and Smart Assets. NEM’s modular system makes it possible to develop efficient enterprise applications with minimal development efforts

  • Smart Assets Application Development

    We build apps with Smart Assets to match business requirements accurately

  • Fintech Application Development

    Our developers create instant payment mechanisms, mobile payment systems, and escrow services with NEM

  • Reconciliation Application Development

    We develop real-time systems to secure records and manage transactions

  • Exchange Development

    Our experts create applications that automate multiple utilities like clearances, payments, and settlements

  • Token and ICO Development

    We enable enterprises to create, distribute, and trade coins and tokens with NEM

NEM Applications

We improve the operational efficiency of enterprises to enhance their productivity. With NEM app development, we achieve maximum customizations of business applications without disrupting system processes

Banking and Finance

Trustless inter-network transfer of files and tokens, easy mobile payment systems and real-time financial transactions

Supply Chain

High and permanent availability of documents, centralized inspection, and automated transactions to reduce operational costs

Security and Identity

Secure and cost-effective KYC processes, efficient record keeping, and built-in multi-signature access for seamless identity management

Real Estate

DApps that support pivotal functions in real-estate including inspections, taxations, environmental liabilities, liens, and complete chain of custody

Governance and Crowdfunding

Permanently auditable votes, transparent voting processes for efficient governance, and immutable record of backer data for crowdfunding campaigns