July 9, 2024

Ethiopian Airlines Explores Blockchain-Based Loyalty Solutions

June 2024 – In a groundbreaking move, Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa's most prominent and fastest-growing airline, has announced a strategic partnership with Loyyal, a leading blockchain-based loyalty rewards service provider based in the U.S. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the airline's ShebaMiles loyalty program, allowing members to earn rewards through daily activities seamlessly.

A Triumphant Three-Way Collaboration

This partnership extends beyond Loyyal, integrating Finfare Connect, a prominent rewards platform. Together, they will leverage Loyyal's cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure and Finfare Connect's payment-linked incentives to enhance the ShebaMiles program. It could help make Ethiopian Airlines one of the first global airline rewards programs powered by bank data.

Ashish Kumar Singh, CEO of Loyyal, sparked excitement regarding the collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines. Singh highlighted that their partnership aims to provide ShebaMiles members with an exceptional daily earning experience, fostering increased engagement and loyalty among customers.

In a parallel sentiment, Brad Blake, Chief Growth Officer at Finfare, highlighted the benefits for partner brands. Blake emphasized that the partnership is expected to stimulate additional sales within their network, offering customers enhanced value and personalized experiences.

Enhanced Mile-Earning Experiences

The collaboration enables Ethiopian Airlines to utilize a smart contract system to streamline and automate deals with renowned brands such as Nike, Marks & Spencer, and Boots. This innovative approach will enhance rewards and integrate many lifestyle and leisure brands into the ShebaMiles ecosystem. As a result, members will have more earning opportunities in categories including fashion, health & beauty, entertainment, dining, and travel.

Why This Matters for ShebaMiles Members

This partnership creates a more dynamic and rewarding loyalty program for ShebaMiles members. Members can now earn miles through everyday purchases, making loyalty rewards more accessible and engaging. This integration of blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and efficiency, marking a significant step in customer loyalty management for Ethiopian airlines. 

Technical Innovation with Access Point - A Flagship Solution in Loyyal

From a technical perspective, Access Point utilizes Smart Contract technology that simplifies and automates deals, ensuring a hassle-free, self-administered experience. This enables program owners to efficiently onboard and collaborate with various merchants, including popular independent hotels, restaurants, and top experience providers in the UK and US.

About the Partners


Loyyal revolutionizes loyalty programs by integrating blockchain and smart contract technology through its universal platform. With over eight years of experience, Loyyal drives innovation and rewarding experiences for businesses and consumers.

Finfare Connect

Finfare Connect is a market-leading rewards platform that assists businesses in engaging and retaining customers with personalized offers. Using payment-linked data and turn-key technology, Finfare Connect helps businesses to offer instant personalization and generate revenue swiftly.

Ethiopian Airlines Group

Ethiopian Airlines Group has been a beacon of growth and innovation in Africa's aviation sector. With over seventy-eight years of successful operations and a strategic vision leading into 2035, Ethiopian Airlines continues to expand its global footprint and transform its customer offerings.


This three-way partnership heralds a new era of innovation for Ethiopian Airlines' loyalty program. With Loyyal's cutting-edge blockchain technology and Finfare Connect's extensive ecosystem, ShebaMiles members can expect a more rewarding and exciting experience.

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