Traditional social networking platforms are all centralized and therefore take a big chunk of their creators' revenues. These platforms also keep changing their algorithms to rank different content that significantly affects influencers' earnings. Influencers often do not have rights over their content on these platforms.

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Project Goals

Design and develop a Web3 social media platform that supports the following functionalities:

  • NFT minting by using a post from a user’s social media account
  • NFT marketplace integration
  • Reward distribution for sharing referral codes with new users
  • Ensure reliability and trust by incorporating third-party KYC verification for all users.
  • NFT search along with various filters, including categories and social media platforms


The solution is a decentralized digital platform that helps content creators to monetize their work directly. The ability to mint NFTs will allow makers to prove their ownership of a particular video. As an alternative, they can offer to sell such NFTs directly to consumers, enabling ownership transfer.

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Tech Stack

  • NodeJS

  • Java Script

  • React

  • MongoDB

About the Platform

Sosh is a Web3 social media platform that facilitates content monetization efficiently. It enables content creators to license commercial rights to their content via NFTs. In return, creators will receive payments in tokens. The platform lets influencers earn tokens while retaining control over how their work is used.


  • Login/sign in using a crypto wallet
  • Earn rewards for referring the app to other users
  • NFT minting of social media posts
  • Third-party integrations of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok
  • Integration with LOOKSRARE and OPENSEA NFT marketplaces


Our experts delivered a web application through which users can register and start minting NFTs from their social media posts. The platform also enables users to search and see NFTs of other users. Additionally, Sosh is integrated with NFT marketplaces to handle the payment of royalties to creators and the distribution of rewards to referrers on the sale of NFTs on these marketplaces.
Social Outcome

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