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Smart Contracts, the underlying principle behind blockchain technology, has evolved beyond its use in cryptocurrency transactions. As blockchain applications are finding new horizons after each innovation, the use cases of smart contracts are also expanding. Smart Contracts services are on the way to revolutionize various operations within numerous industries, impacting their diversified dimension of operations and processes positively.

Most Smart Contract Services and applications are built using technologies like Ethereum and Neo, which offer an opensource platform for the development.

However, they are also developed with the conventional programming languages like Python Java and C++. Technically, any program that executes the terms of an agreement without the requirement of a third party authentication serves the objective of a Smart Contract.

Industry Use Cases of Smart Contract:

What Smart Contracts can achieve for your Business? 

“Smart contracts will eventually automate the mass personalization of value exchange”
— Nigel Montgomery, research director at Gartner

Industry experts are now mulling the possibilities of Smart Contracts replacing the conventional legal system. Being a set of codes developed to achieve automation, it has the potential to evolve as artificial lawyers. This, however, is only a narrow approach to the use cases of smart contracts. Since this technology ensures decentralization and transparency, it is effective in multiple industries.

Here are some of most important use case dimensions of Smart Contracts.

  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Speeding up Mortgage applications in Real Estate Industry
  • Market Research and Prediction
  • Creation of ICO and DAOs
  • Identity Management

Enterprise-grade Smart Contracts will change the corporate and global business landscape. Businesses are catching up the bandwagon even if skepticism is high.

State of Smart Contract

Smart Contract technology emerged as a revolutionary application of Blockchain due to its effective use-cases to improve many operations. It is replacing operations like transactions and execution of agreements that require third-party authentication. Its use cases in several industries are breaking grounds. So far, the latest innovation of smart contract is the Mattereum ecosystem, which might overhaul the legal approach to gain jurisdiction over any physical asset. Smart Contracts have evolved as the latest trend in techno-legal space. However, it is gradually foraying into other verticals.

What you can achieve from our Smart Contracts Services?

Utilizing Smart Contracts Services, any enterprise will benefit, provided the development is secured and reliable enough. Blockchain technology is gaining massive popularity because of its broad use cases. The best advantages of this technology are cost reduction and saving time. Here are the objectives any enterprise will achieve using smart contract services:

  • Omit the requirement of third-party verification
  • Automate transactions through self-authentication
  • Promote active participation across the chain
  • Protection from theft and counterfeit
  • Ensure transparency

Effective Evaluation of Smart Contracts Services

“The lowest-hanging fruits today are applications in which contracts are narrow, objective, and mechanical, with straightforward clauses and clearly defined outcomes.”
–Deloitte, Perspective

A Smart Contract has its own vulnerabilities. Also, adopting any new technology need utmost caution. An assessment of technical maturity is unskippable for any enterprise.

For accomplishing a careful evaluation of any Smart Contract Service, it is important for enterprises to follow certain steps:

  • Is a proposed Smart Contract Mechanism legally implementable?
  • Is the Smart Contract already in use?
  • Ask a clear and honest opinion from your Smart Contracts services providers about your idea of the new Smart Contract.
  • Is there are a mathematical logic behind the mechanism?
  • What technical resources like software, frameworks and programming languages will be used in the development?
  • What are the probable vulnerabilities of the smart contract?

Clear and precise answers to these questions will determine the success of smart contract development. While there are countless services in the market, finding the best ones need significant background research.

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Oodles Blockchains’ Smart Contract Services have created landmarks in the blockchain technology sphere. Our approach to develop new technologies is based on intense research. Backed by an experienced team of smart contract developers, we have created innovative products like Oodles Scaffold, which offers comprehensive blockchain services for personalized utility.

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