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Setting Out to Start a Crypto Exchange? 

Every day, numerous cryptocurrencies are being launched in the market, and so are the exchange platforms. It’s because cryptocurrency development companies like Oodles are striving to develop more advanced versions of the exchanges to help investors race ahead in the competition. If you have decided to start a crypto exchange, there are a few aspects you can’t afford to miss out.

Oodles’ Expertise in Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development 

Fundamental Features and Steps

There’s sometimes a thin line between the success and failure of any cryptocurrency trading/exchange platform. Clearly, starting a crypto exchange does not ensure success. Instead, it depends on the unique features, scalability, and performance of the crypto exchange platform.

Here are some features of an advanced crypto exchange software or application that we develop at Oodles to ensure your success in this venture.


A cryptocurrency exchange with easy to use features attract more users. There must be a plethora of options and services, but not confusing to the users. During the development, our experts ensure that users are always the priority.


Whether its data or a crypto exchange platform, security should always be the priority. A bug or a single point of failure (SPOF) in the platform could lead to drastic results. We strive to develop exchange platforms which are resistant to any threat or attack. Our experts use military-grade cryptography mechanisms and other necessary steps like two-step verification.

Multiple Payment Method

The platform must provide multiple payment options. Integrating different payment methods ensure that the user-experience gets better.

Low Transaction Fees

It might not be a lucrative option for those planning to start a crypto exchange. However, lower fees of transactions could guarantee a better adoption rate of the platform by the users. Transaction fees must be competitive enough to attract consumers. For that, our crypto and blockchain experts sit together to analyze this aspect and provide you with suitable alternatives.

Why Choose Oodles?

Oodles Blockchain offers cost-effective services to start a crypto exchange.

Our experience and knowledge of blockchain technology and market dynamics of cryptocurrencies have supported us to become the cryptocurrency development experts in this domain.

We have been closely following the trends of cryptocurrency trading/exchange, as well as user behavior in the market.

And that’s how we know what prospective investors expect in a crypto exchange software platform.

Also, our portfolio comprises of crypto token development and crypto coin creation services.

For any query or suggestion, you can talk to one of our consultants now.

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