Stellar Blockchain Solutions

Use Stellar development suite to create top-notch financial applications to enable seamless cross-border transactions.


Looking for a decentralized platform to enable high-speed transactions at low maintenance costs?
Stellar is an open-source Blockchain platform that connects users with banks and payment systems. It is an international payment solution that paves way for secure cross-border transactions at minimal transaction costs and facilitates low-cost payments through different types of currencies. The concept of Stellar is quite similar to Ripple. The only difference is that Ripple is exclusively designed for Financial applications while Stellar is conceptualized as per the needs of a normal individual.

Key Features of Stellar

  • Speed, Security, Economy

    The Stellar Network facilitates high-speed transactions in real-time where an average transaction typically takes 2-5 seconds to complete. It is also very economical, secure and involves minimal transaction costs. All transactions in Stellar network are cryptographically protected.
  • Support For ICO & Smart Contract

    The platform renders an active support for ICO and Smart Contracts as it shares its functionality with Ethereum and is one of the top competitors of the latter in this domain. In some ways, it’s even better than Ethereum due to its high speed transactions and lower costs.
  • Fast and Low Cost Microtransactions

    Stellar processes thousands of Microtransactions in a matter of seconds at extremely low transaction costs. For example, as much as 600,000 microtransactions can be handled at the operational cost of $0.01.
  • Automatic Currency Exchange

    Stellar facilitates real-timex currency conversions and provides international reach with a single integration. It also supports cross-border payments and international transactions in different types of fiat currencies and digital currencies.

Use Cases of Stellar

Stellar offers an exclusive suite of Cloud Applications to meet the industry-specific needs of various businesses.
Stellar blockchian solutions


Stellar blockchian solutions


Stellar blockchian solutions

Consumer Goods

Stellar blockchian solutions

Travel and Hospitality

How Oodles Blockchain Can Help With Stellar Blockchain Development?

We, at Oodles Technologies are pioneers in building avant-garde Blockchain-based decentralized apps using Stellar Development Suite. Our Industry-wide solutions in Stellar Blockchain help clients from across the globe to develop consumer relationships and execute engagement strategies to deliver insightful experiences. Our in-depth knowledge of the domain and years of excellence in Stellar Blockchain Development help us serve you better with your business-specific requirements. We also use Stellar blockchain to create premium-class Smart Contracts and ICO campaigns.
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