A Guide to Popular Tools for Testing Blockchain Applications

A Guide to Popular Tools for Testing Blockchain Applications

Posted By : Neha Dahiya | 28-Sep-2018

Blockchain, a decentralized technology is being adopted popularly by most of the prominent industries, and it eliminates the risk of centralization of data. As the nature of blockchain technology is known, testing of such applications become more important. Testing further gives a scope to understand the emerging technology, its impact, and opportunities.


The blockchain is a decentralized data structure present at many locations at a time, so updations and deletions are not possible. Continuous integration and deployment can be critical for the development teams.


By performing the different type of tests at various stages in the development process can ensure the test coverage and achieve the quality of the application. So it is very important to select the right tool for testing blockchain applications.



Popular tools for Testing Blockchain Applications



While testing the Blockchain application the quality is ensured and test coverage is maximized, also the risk associated with inadequate knowledge that may impact the development process is reduced.



Popular tools for testing Blockchain Applications:



Ethereum Tester: Ethereum tester is an open-source library for testing available as Github repository. Easy setup with manageable API required for various testing phases.


BitcoinJ: It is Java framework for the Bitcoin-based applications through which we can interact with the real BTC network and different testing activities. There is no need to download the BTC core files in order to use this. In the case of clarifications, user forum can be approached as it an open network available for assistance.


Populus: This is very easy to implement and developed as the py.test framework. Ethereum functionality can be tested as it has the features for the test contract deployment embedded in it.


Truffle: Automated contract testing can be performed easily with the good features mainly for Ethereum developers. It has the testing features beyond just testing the Blockchain Applications


Embark: It is the framework for the development of decentralized applications that can run on different systems and nodes, integrated with Ethereum blockchains, decentralized communication platforms.

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