How to Create Your Own Private Blockchain using Cosmos

Posted By : Vishal

May 31, 2024

Cosmos is an open-source blockchain project that aims to connect other blockchains to each other in order to establish an easily usable, fast scalable, interoperable, and low-fee hub for basically any use of a blockchain. Cosmos internet of blockchains would allow different blockchains to communicate with each other in a decentralized way a way where one person or one single organization is not able to completely control so how is Cosmos planning on actually making this dream a reality this is where the cosmos Hub and zone model come in hubs are often very important for systems to really take off with a high number of users and Cosmos is no different in Cosmos they took a look at the cryptocurrency landscape and saw a lot of spokes but no Hub in other words they saw a large number of blockchains with interesting use cases but the methods of communicating between these chains still left a lot to be desired in fact one of the largest vulnerabilities out there are blockchain bridges which is a tool used to move money from one chain to another Cosmos created what they call a hub and zones model they have a central Hub that facilitates the transfer of tokens across various chains the founder of the Tinder mint protocol which later became Cosmos. Cosmos provides an SDK that can be used to create your own custom blockchain solution. Please check the steps below to setup on the local system.




  • Node.js


  •  Step 1 : Take clone of the project and change the directory to the main root folder folder of the project  


git clone 
  • Step 2: Initialize application
 ./build/simd init demo \ --home ./private/.simapp \ --chain-id learning-chain-1 
  • Step 3: Prepare sample account, a test account with alice name is created
 ./build/simd keys add alice \ --home ./private/.simapp \ --keyring-backend test
  • Step 4: Become validator
 // Give initial balance to account 
 ./build/simd add-genesis-account alice 100000000stake \ --home ./private/.simapp \ --keyring-backend test 
 // Now include bootstrap transaction in genesis 
 ./build/simd add-genesis-account alice 100000000stake \ --home ./private/.simapp \ --keyring-backend test 
 // Now we need to collect all genesis transaction 
 ./build/simd add-genesis-account alice 100000000stake \ --home ./private/.simapp \ --keyring-backend test
  • Step 5: Create blocks 
 ./build/simd start \ --home ./private/.simapp 



Now, a simple Cosmos node is running. In the next blog, we will focus on how to interact with this blockchain node.

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