Modernizing Supply Chain Management with Blockchain

Modernizing Supply Chain Management with Blockchain

Posted By : Pratyush Kumar Singh | 31-Dec-2019

Blockchain is kind of simply a single version of the reality that may be viewed and shared by the number of users. The open digital ledger removes intermediaries and has the potential to reinvent supply chain management.

With blockchain supply chain development, users will get access to an automated digital system that marks all changes and records the exchange of hands without human intervention. Every transaction or entry recorded in blockchain is in some ways more efficient and honest. The system ensures that no piece of inventory exists within the same place twice while it moves ahead within the chain.


How Blockchain will help in Reducing Cost, Improving Efficiency and Controlling Fraud


Visibility for procurement with data analysis


Blockchain builds trust and offers visibility into procurement by using permanently retained historical data to authenticate everyone involved during a deal. This way, all sides are often assured of the opposite party’s trustworthiness. Better data means better data analytics and it results in better outcomes.


Eliminates chances of fraud with incorruptible information


Beyond serving the aim of creating transactions safer and efficient, blockchain brings transparency to a posh supply chain. It merges the physical, financial, and digital information together, to reveal sources of value leakage—from everyday inefficiencies to fraud and abuse. It also helps the complicated supply chains to find new strategies to encounter them.


Ensures a durable, robust and secure process


As a vicinity of the blockchain ecosystem, sellers and buyers alike are always whom they assert they're and products are always the proper ones. What’s more, because prices can't be modified, the entire process of invoices is going to be rendered obsolete within the future. If a sale order is represented as a block within the blockchain, it invariably becomes an immutable digital entity.




Blockchain brings the chance to experience and maintain ethical practices across supply chains. this system of handling supply chain vendors reveals nothing just in case labor laws are violated, any environmental destruction takes place, or if there's any violation of laws associated with raw material and banned substances. Undoubtedly, the results of blockchain on the supply chain will infuse a greater layer of accountability into day-to-day operations and make it hassle-free

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