A Technical Introduction to Stellar Protocol SEP 9

A Technical Introduction to Stellar Protocol SEP 9

Posted By : Harshit Sharma | 27-May-2020



Before accepting the deposit and withdrawal of FIAT of an organization based on stellar, we are required to obtain KYC information from the user. There are two possible ways to collect information. One is interactive and the other is non-interactively.


Interactive KYC

In interactive KYC, users have to fill information on a webpage hosted under your organization. When the wallet pings the server, it responds with a URI that opens a form. 


Non-interactive KYC


It allows the user to enter the required information into the wallet interface itself. When the wallet pings the server then it responds with required fields from the list of fields specified in SEP - 9. It is more customer-friendly.SEP-9 defines the list of KYC and AML fields which is required in the stellar protocol.


Rather than taking input, again and again, it allows the wallet to collect KYC information as per user and share with the issuer when needed. The organization needs to setup /customer endpoint on the wallet which can be further used by the user to upload KYC information. It allows uninterrupted flow for withdrawing and deposit.


KYC/AML fields

KYC/AML fields are divided into 2 categories.

User KYC fields





Last name of the user


First name of the user


Country code for current address.


The contact number of user


Email of the user.


Account number of user


Identification number of bank


Tax identifier of the user


Photo of the front side of the user’s ID card


Photo of the backside of user’s ID card


Organization KYC fields





Name of the organization


VAT number of organization


Registration number of Organization


The total number of shareholders.


Photo identification URI of organization


Email of organization


Contact of the organization


Website URL of the organization


Document of organization.


NOTE: All the fields will be followed by ‘organization.’




Address formatting will vary from country to country. Address fields are fairly universal and encoded with country_code, state_or_province, etc and full address can be added by the user in ‘address’ field with the efficient parsing of it by fields like country, postal_code, city, etc. Above mentioned list of possible fields can be used according to the use cases. 




In this blog, we learned about the stellar protocol 9. This for the KYC process. It helps us to understand the flow of KYC and the type of KYC flow along with AML.



For official document - https://github.com/stellar/stellar-protocol/blob/master/ecosystem/sep-0009.md


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