The main sectors where Blockchain has a great potential for improving healthcare industry are as follow:

Clinical Health Data Exchange and Interoperability

It can be made easy to improve care coordination with secured access to Longitudinal Health Records.

Claims Adjudication and Billing Management

With blockchain, it is possible to reduce fraud and admin cost by automating billing and insurance-related activities. Thus, improved claimant and beneficiary KYC.

Drug Supply Chain Integrity and Provenance

For creating Drug Supply Chain Provenance and minimizing drug counterfeiting, Blockchain technology can be adopted by health organizations. Also, it can enhance pharma supply chain finance and provide better visibility for marketing efforts and patient programs.

Pharma Clinical Trials and Population Health Research

Blockchain can promote research commons and remunerative models. Using which, managing IP/R&D assets transactions becomes simplified and critical trial data integrity & provenances can be created more efficiently.

Cyber Security and Healthcare IoT

Based on the blockchain technology, we can create unique identifiers for medical devices and assets. This would bar anyone from accessing vital information, and allow secured and selective access to patient-generated health data. Indeed, smart medical asset management and remote and autonomous diagnoses are imaginable with blockchain-powered healthcare industry.

How Oodles Technologies Helps You?

Oodles Technologies is one of the leading blockchain development service providers in India. We have expertise in creating the best Blockchain-based applications for healthcare industry as our team of expert Blockchain app developers keep itself updated with the changing paradigms of the technology. The R&D part is the key to success for any development work and they excel in it. Hence, eliminating the concerns pertaining to the development process.

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