How to use Blockchain in the Metaverse

Published by : Pankaj | Dec-12-2021

blockchain in metaverse

  • In this era of digital transformation, new technology is germinating every day. Although, the idealogy of going with the flow is circulating, and several terms are popping out every day. Among all of them, The Blockchain metaverse is a matter of talk for blockchain experts.

    As we all, know blockchain technology has circulated its path to all industries. The current generation is keen to gain that technology. In the last few years, billions of dollars spent on digital items and services. But, the online use of blockchain solution development in digital services can be like NFT or any digital token.

    At present, Blockchain technology promotes the virtual world and connects with the metaverse. But at the time of origin, metaverse refers to the online shared world. Also, it is a world where people could meet their friends, visit different places, buy things, work, and attend events.

    What exactly Metaverse is?

    Going through the word Metaverse then it can be many things. But some facts tell that it is the combination of two words “Meta” means beyond, and “Verse” stands for the universe. But, the belief for the decades that the mammoth power of the virtual world is finite. And, the limitation of metaverse was only to the pages of stories and science fiction novels. But, all the beliefs get wrong because today, the metaverse space is the buzziest word in technology.

    Moreover, the mounting is impatient by software and game developers. And, the use of blockchain technology in-game industries all over the globe gives hype. Although, the range is from crypto and gaming- to social media. But the explanation of ‘What is metaverse’ will tell, it is a shared, immersive virtual world. The representation is by avatars, buildings, and arts. Also, the interaction can be with each other and landscapes. Moreover, the metaverse is a virtual space that can create new internet using a 3D virtual and augmented spectrum. The first-ever mention of the metaverse is emerge in 1992. It pledges the physical and virtual world. That was with its ental economics and currencies. It also gives the power to buy, sell, and trade digital real estate, items, avatars -accessories, and many more. Although, the experience can be via computers, virtual reality(VR) headsets, and smartphones.

    As we all know, the usability of the metaverse is for augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR). In which users control their avatars. But, it transforms into cryptocurrency, and the addition is to the wallet when there is a matter of making funds.

    In particular, the crypto metaverse is a metaverse that combines blockchain. It is via its fundamental change and crypto resources, such as metaverse tokens. Blockchain-based, metaverse-like apps and protocols that comprise metaverse elements. App like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and SecondLife have already come into existence. But the main aim of these online games is to perform many actions. Although, such actions include playing to earn, buy and sell virtual land, and more. Metaverse crypto assets and items worn into different digital tokens and their holding record on the blockchain. Moreover, the exchange of metaverse can be for digital assets like Bitcoin(BTC), and ether(ETH) on several Decentralized exchanges(DEXs).

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    Basic, constituents of the metaverse

    In spite of all, it is crucial to understand what are the essential side that you need to create in a blockchain metaverse.  So, the creation of metaverse includes many technologies and different components. Such technology act as a building block for them.

    • Internet

    Although, the internet is a crucial element of the metaverse. It uses a decentralized network of computers. That means there is no need for a centralized authorities connection like the government.

    • Open Media Standards

    The blockchain metaverse uses 3D items, audio, texts, images, videos, and geometrical figures. It uses other mixture of digital media, Pixar’s USD, and NVIDIA’s MDL platforms to gain interoperability.

    • Open Programming Language Standards

    Metaverse requires productive and transparent programming languages. It includes Javascript, HTML, WebXR, WEB GPU, Web Assembly, shared languages, and many more.

    • Hardware

    It is crucial to have components like eXtended reality(XR) and Mixed Reality(MR) Hardware. Some examples of XR hardware are Smart glasses, holoLens, haptics, and Omni treadmill. These all components tell what exactly blockchain metaverse is.

    • Decentralize ledger and Smart Contracts

    The final addition to the blockchain design would bring a decentralized ledger and smart contracts. The use of blockchain technology is the best wining of the metaverse experience. Blockchain technology offers the most secure, better transparent, and censorship resistance transactions. That all ensures permissionless transactions at the same time.

    How does metaverse function, and what makes it constitutive evolution?

    The advancement of the metaverse is changing the digital ecosystem of the internet. But the question arises-How metaverse work?

    Metaverse works on a decentralized network like blockchain. But before going in deep, we have to understand the blockchain and decentralized consensus. So for that, all people own their underlying structure. Also, it works for doable public goods, which means no single company owns it. And every people all over the world can be part of it. At the current time, we are all connected to technology. That is via investing in services, architecture, and development.

    Currently, the metaverse is not confirmed applied for public usage as it is in its early stage. But two main ways show how it is already different from the existing, platforms-based internet.

    • Decentralized nodes

    A decentralized node is one of the most remarkable sides that blockchain has given to the world. Currently, the total number of 11000+ nodes hosts on the Ethereum network. There is no dependency on a single unit or server to provide what you need. We can say decentralized nodes supplied by blockchain scalability trilemma are the prime benefits.

    • Portability

    In the metaverse universe, world content can’t be cruel. It means any content uploaded on the metaverse foundation can move, whether it is artwork or any other type of content. That can move to other applications without any reference.

    The facts that show how crucial the rise of the metaverse is:

    • Metaverse works on the decentralization of power.

    Metaverse allows free-hand for data handling. There is no engagement of the third party. They allow all the users to own their data and travel free.

    • It empowers users to own their data.

    Today organizations keep most of the data and the value we create on the internet. Blockchain technology and the use of NFT have enabled people to take control of their data.

    • It helps the free internet.

    Blockchain allows metaverse to pop up with the digital space. Through this, the users can experience more freedom within the digital world.

    • Blockchain metaverse offers a creative upgrade to the human experience.

    It offers a creative human experience through the use of a 3D manner. The development uses Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Mixed Reality(MR), and Extended Reality technologies.

    • It removes the physical limitations of the world and creates a virtual space with limitless.

    There is no limit to the quantity of space we can use and build on- many of the laws do not apply to the physical universe. The limit that comes is only your imagination.

    • It increases the new global economy.

    As we all know, cryptocurrencies are in immense growth. It continues to pick momentum, and digital assets are booming the market.

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    On a final note, blockchain metaverse is the need of the future, and is not the topic for science fiction. If we take a closer view, we know everything is becoming digital. People will be using virtual space to interact. They use virtual space to explore, communicate, and do business. They also build virtual communities in the future. Metaverse is a new internet and blockchain that has sped up the process.

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