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Industries are significantly feeling the FOMO due to the unprecedented rise of the blockchain technology. Introduced as the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Blockchain refers to as a shared, distributed and immutable digital database used for recording the financial transactions details. Now, blockchain is on the brink to putting an everlasting impact on the technology domain.

Diving into Blockchain Consulting Services

Diverse industry realms have got immensely influenced by the potentials the blockchain based applications bring on the table.

From commercial banking services to other areas such as supply chain management, e-commerce advertising, retail and foreign exchange, identity management, the technology is hardly letting any area exempted from its innovation.

  • Make financial transactions more and more secure transparent, and fast
  • Optimize operational costs
  • Get your hands on the treasure of data efficiency with the right blockchain consultancy services and expertise
  • Enhance your business case with blockchain technology integration
  • Find custom blockchain products development and services for your business

Unlock the Potential with Blockchain Consulting Services

With blockchain consulting services, we, at Oodles, aim to develop, maintain and evaluate blockchain development and cryptocurrency related products and web services. We strive to provide long-term consultancy and assistance on related technological aspects for our clients worldwide. You can explore a wide spectrum of blockchain application development services under one roof as our team of blockchain developers operates in numerous disciplines. We profess in actively developing financial trading frameworks and web services on top of the blockchain and low-level kernel optimization along with planning intuitive UI/UX.


By connecting with Oodles, you get the strategic employment of blockchain technology that’s based on an extensive analysis of your organization’s profile along with thorough drafting of your ideas for development. We go through the potential of blockchain technology in your business processes and analyze the possibilities of optimization or integration.


With our blockchain consulting services, you get the efficient programming of extensible and distributed applications and custom-developed protocols.

Additionally, we extend our services throughout the entire process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into your existing business processes.


We work with an aim to bring positive results from our cutting-edge research in the domain of cryptocurrency and DLTs (distributed ledger technologies) executed by our blockchain experts.

The Blockchain Benefits

We expect that in a few years blockchain will rule over the internet and, might become the ‘new internet’ as well, as its showing signs of changing the way we run businesses.

Fintech: Faster Payments & Transactions

  • Rapid financial transaction execution by decentralized blockchain-based payment processors
  • Eliminate the third-party correspondents as well as operate between the parties in a contract.
  • Secure transactions using a cryptographic end-to-end payment flow and a P2P validation network
  • Replace money draining customer incentive programmes, like gift cards and ticketing
  • These all optimizations can be executed via blockchain-based processors in a cheaper, quicker and flexible way

Information Technology: Smart Systems & Data Storage

  • Elimination of one central cloud server to recognize and connect with every single device
  • Secure mesh networks to interconnect devices in a responsible way
  • Avoid intimidations such as device spoofing and impersonation
  • Organize immutable evidence chains useful for supply chain management, identification of individuals and individual assets
  • Encrypted public ledgers for registries of personal data, like; medical documentation, marriage and education certificates, and the digital thumbprint of them.

Content Distribution & Intellectual Property

  • Exercise direct authority over the dissemination and monetization of an author’s works via blockchain-based processors
  • Calculate and automatize royalty payments and licensing
  • Data security by blockchain-based notarization and patent management platforms
  • Ensure an extended attribution and derivation verification of intellectual property

Supply Industries: Supply Chains

  • Enhance visibility and transparency in the supply chain
  • Register each transfer on the record as a transaction
  • Identification of operators and parties involved
  • Addition of relevant information, such as price, date, location, quality, and state of the product
  • Due to immutability factor, prevention of fraud and tampering with the information through any unauthorized party

     Oodles Blockchain’s Expertise in Blockchain Consulting Services

Assess your business requirements

  • Gathering of the initial requirements during the first meet
  • Thorough assessment
  • Estimation of approx budget and timeframe for successfully implementing blockchain solutions

Strategy and Conceptualization

  • Blockchain experts, business analysts, and product managers draft a standard strategy to assess your current and future business processes/operations
  • Find out the constraints and risks
  • Finally, outline the initial project architecture concept


After your confirmation, the development team sets out to work on your project and bring it to the realization. You can even track the development process of your blockchain project.

 Technology Expertise of Oodles

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