Blockchain Consulting
and Development Services

Identify Blockchain Solutions to Maximize Business Efficiency

Blockchain technology has the potential to accelerate business processes and save costs. We, at Oodles, have the experience and skill set of our blockchain consultant team to turn your business ideas into blockchain solutions. Our consultancy solutions are built on our foundation of decade long experience in working with multiple blockchain technologies

Our Blockchain Consulting Services

We develop, maintain, and provide long-term assistance on Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions and services. Our blockchain consulting services assist businesses in identifying the right use case of blockchain and achieve technological and operational requirements


We evaluate your requirements and business processes to identify gaps that Blockchain can fill. We build upon our initial research and hold conversations with stakeholders to clearly define their vision for your business. We aim to optimize your business and increase its efficiency


Our experienced blockchain team develops scalable and innovative solutions for your business. We build solutions that can be easily integrated into your company infrastructure, eliminating any major challenges that come with technological transitions

  • Blockchain Application Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Fintech Application Development
  • Research and Expertise

    Our expertise is based on building practical solutions for companies from a variety of industries. We at Oodles believe that cutting-edge research drives business. Our solutions build on our rich experience in Blockchain Development

    Our Blockchain Consultation Methodology

    From UI/UX to front-end and back-end implementation, our blockchain team conducts scrupulous assessments of every aspect of your blockchain project, including the flow of business procedures, and identification of the applicability of right technologies


    Initial Evaluation

    Our team analyzes and evaluates your operational requirements to determine howt to implement blockchain in the business


    Solution Development

    Our team will focus on transforming your operations and processes while retaining the core identity of your business



    We place an emphasis on ensuring smooth implementation and training for highly effective and reliable results


    Patching and Services

    Considerable growth also needs support that grows with it. We efficiently deliver services to ensure that our solutions work as intended at all times

    Industrial Benefits with Blockchain Applications

    Our blockchain consulting and development services enable startups and B2B companies to ideate and develop applications for industries like healthcare, real estate, insurance, and finance with various blockchain benefits


    • Rapid financial transactions
    • Third-party intermediaries elimination
    • Cryptographic end-to-end payment flow
    • Faster, secure and reliable transactions

    Data Privacy and Storage

    • Elimination of one central cloud server system
    • Secure mesh networks to interconnect devices responsibly
    • Encrypted public ledgers for registries of personal data
    • Increased data privacy

    Supply Chains

    • Enhance visibility and transparency in the supply chain
    • Register each transfer on the record as a transaction
    • Identification of operators and parties involved
    • Prevention of fraud and tampering

    Distribution of Intellectual Property

    • Direct authority over the dissemination and monetization of an author’s works
    • Calculate and automatize royalty payments and licensing
    • Attribution and derivation verification of intellectual property
    • Increased data security
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