What Can Blockchain Do For Digital Asset Management

Published : Mar 29, 2018

Blockchain in Digtal Asset Management

  • Digitization seems to be ubiquitous on this day and in this age. All the assets that are being used in businesses are now becoming digital.  In this piece, you will get insights into how blockchain solutions help in effective digital asset management.

    The importance of Digital Asset Management

    The importance of digital assets across industries such as education, banking, finance, healthcare publishing, mining, etc is continuously growing. With it, it becomes essential to manage it efficiently too.

    Digital assets such as data, applications, and systems are paramount for any organization.  The sensitivity level of these assets varies widely across the sectors. For example, a picture in a digital form becomes strong police evidence in an investigation or your face photo is used for accessing iPhone X. Thus, it becomes crucial that data is correct and not modified. Another sector where data is critical is healthcare.  Hospitals have sensitive healthcare data including patient information on the systems residing in hospitals. In financial institutions, their digital transactions are the most vital assets. Data breaches have got doubled in the past five years, and the number of attacks has grown in big numbers. This causes huge losses to the businesses. Hence, it is essential to protect your digital assets with an effective management strategy. Companies need to find out a cost-effective solution or a way to store,  search, retrieve, and distribute assets with the highest level of security.

    Why Blockchain for digital asset management

    Blockchain app development technology can protect sensitive data and reduce the risks of such events happening. Not only this, it provides privacy and personal integrity also. Here, there is no need to send the photostream or data into the validation networks, you just have to send a hash of data and its relevant metadata. If any changes are made to the photo, it will create a different hash (a number). The changed hash clearly shows that the data has been modified.  Impressively, it protects our data while keeping the file itself private.

    Blockchain technology is a preeminent solution for DAM. Storing data on computers can be riskier.  It is a decentralized and distributed online public ledger system that stores values or anything of value. For keeping data highly secured with your validation networks, blockchain offers lots of possibilities. It validates that the data is correct.  And it is not easy to modify data stored on Blockchain because the data is stored with a hash. It is distributed to a large number of validators which makes it extremely hard to tamper any data without getting noticed.  Therefore, there is no denying the fact that Blockchain has immense potential to become an important component of any Digital Asset Management Strategy.

    In a nutshell, technology protects the transfer of ownership of online assets. It keeps the assets safe from illegal use by checking the integrity and verifying people who are using it. Thus, if you connect with Blockchain service providers, then it will ensure the development of a secure, reliable and private Digital Asset Management Strategy.

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