A Quick Guide to Understanding Crypto Payment Gateway

Published : Jun 27, 2022

Crypto payment gateway development

  • Industries like healthcare, retail, supply chain, etc., have started considering blockchain and cryptocurrency as transformative technologies. Now, they are working on modernizing their payment systems with cryptocurrency development. From fiat to digital currencies and now cryptocurrencies, payment methods are evolving rapidly. As a result, payment gateway systems are also developing parallelly. The old payment systems have numerous advantages. But they also have significant drawbacks, such as delays in cross-border transactions, a lack of automation, and the need for intermediaries. Businesses are well aware of these failures. Thus, they are looking for a better payment system to enhance industries like retail and the supply chain, where it's critical to keep the flow of money and goods in balance.

    Decentralized Crypto Payment Gateway 

    Decentralized crypto payment gateways have appeared to address these problems and give retailers a reliable payment mechanism. The ability to facilitate the payment and acceptance of cryptocurrencies on a transparent network drives blockchain-powered crypto payment gateways towards the mainstream.

    Now, let us examine a crypto payment gateway's operation, features, and advantages in more detail.

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    Crypto Payment Gateway, In a Nutshell

    A crypto payment gateway is a flexible platform for payment processing that enables vendors and merchants to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies without security risks. It makes it easier for consumers to transfer money directly from one cryptocurrency wallet to another. These payment gateways have a secondary duty to send sensitive wallet data from the payer to the merchant's software in addition to their primary role. Such payment networks are becoming more widely accepted by businesses of all sizes as they search for the fastest, safest, and most profitable payment methods.

    Fundamentally, blockchain technology, known for offering advantages like immutable records and transparent transactions, lays the foundation for cryptocurrency payment gateways. Additionally, the decentralized structure of blockchain excludes intermediaries like banks from the payment process. Subsequently, it speeds up transactions and reduces the number of stages required for payment processing. Eventually, this mechanism promotes more individuals to utilize digital currencies and helps decentralized gateways gain popularity.

    Apart from swiftly confirming the transactions and eliminating third parties from the payment system, crypto payment gateways offer a few other benefits to both users and merchants.

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    How does a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway function?

    Understanding crypto payment gateways' mechanism is easy for those familiar with conventional payment gateways. Crypto payment gateways lay their foundation on Blockchain technology. They substitute a digital wallet for the credit card and mandate that businesses register merchant accounts before they start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Further, a transaction takes place on a decentralized peer-to-peer network where nodes trade payment information, execute validation, and send it to the distributed ledger. Parties engaged in a crypto transaction can identify themselves using wallet addresses. Following are some essential elements of a typical crypto payment gateway:

    A Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway's Features

    Peer-to-Peer Network

    By incorporating a decentralized payment gateway into their current payment strategy, merchants, retailers, and businesses can accept payments directly from customers via a peer-to-peer network. Faster transactions and secure access to the payment gateway are two significant advantages of this trait that speeds up transaction times.

    No Intermediaries 

    Crypto payment solutions eliminate the function of intermediaries and third parties in the payment system. As a result, a customer uses his wallet to make a payment straight to a merchant, thus, saving money on transaction fees.

    Swift International Transactions

    A crypto transaction takes a few minutes to complete, whereas a fiat transaction takes 5 to 15 days. All business sizes-small, medium, and large—can swiftly initiate payments for the import and export of commodities thanks to the faster transactional speeds.

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    Hassle-Free Integration

    Payment gateways for cryptocurrencies are simple to incorporate into an existing application. The merchant can incorporate the cryptocurrency plugin into the program they want to use and begin accepting crypto payments.

     Real-time Conversions and Price

    The value of currencies can change dramatically in the very volatile cryptocurrency market. In these situations, a payment gateway's real-time exchange capability enables the instant conversion of coins into a physical currency. Some premium decentralized payment gateways take innovation further by providing live price charts and other market data.

    Availability of OS

    Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems are fully compatible with decentralized payment gateways. The payment gateway integration is possible into an application or device without the merchants having to change any settings.

    Automated Settlements

    Users can easily connect payment gateways to exchanges to convert cryptocurrencies into conventional currencies, stablecoins, or fiat. It is possible using a customizable auto settlement option. By linking a payment gateway with a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance and Bittrex, users can swap coins for USD, TUSD, USDT, and USDC.

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    Types of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways 

    Customized digital wallets can accommodate a single currency or many currencies, depending on the need. Basically, a cryptocurrency payment gateway should give users a variety of convenient payment alternatives, including QR codes, NFC, and URLs. Additionally, it must finish transactions quickly to facilitate real-time settlement and streamline payment operations. Businesses currently use two types of crypto gateways described below.

    Crypto Payment Gateway DeFi

    DeFi crypto payment gateways with encrypted private keys enable users to control their money. These kinds are non-custodial and have unique security built-in for user convenience. Together, users can make use of a completely decentralized, open financial ecosystem.

    Gateway with Multi-Crypto Transactions

    A multi-crypto payment gateway enables buyers to pay in various cryptos and businesses to accept several cryptos as payment. For retailers engaged in international trade who want to receive payments from customers globally without paying network fees, multi-crypto payment gateway integration can prove beneficial. A multi-crypto payment gateway also does away with the necessity for any middlemen, such as other blockchain-based wallets and payment gateways.

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    It is unquestionably beneficial to have a cryptocurrency payment gateway built to your company's specifications. Thus, businesses that want to grow must include decentralized or blockchain-based applications into their current payment infrastructure. Indeed, with its advantages, including rapid transactions, connectivity with different wallets, and high security, retailers can draw significant interest from cryptocurrency fans.

    Contact our blockchain experts if you're looking for a business to create a bitcoin payment gateway.

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