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How To Build Your Very Own CryptoCoin/Token And Start An ICO
In this blog, we have covered the basics of Ethereum Smart Contracts, ICOs, the vitality of having clear specifications, smart contract development, automatic and manual testing. However, there's more to have a successful ICO campaign, such as an excellent white paper, ICO marketing strategies, etc.
cryptocurrencies beyond currency
How Cryptocurrencies Impact Your Business Beyond Currency
When it's about the use of cryptocurrencies beyond currency, they have got a stigma from its past, though imposing regulation can for sure help to stabilize the market. Countries like Japan are also finding ways to make crypto exchange platforms self-regulatory to ensure the decentralized nature.
private blokchains and GDPR
How Private Blockchains Can Help Companies Quickly Become GDPR Compliant
If blockchain experts and enthusiasts' these suggestions, taken seriously, most probably, we can expect a move away from public blockchains use for business. We might expect more of a development driven towards closed, controlled, private blockchains in the coming days as GDPR gains ground.
The Significance of Blockchain in GDPR Compliance
The Significance Of Blockchain In GDPR Compliance
Given the recent events, people are becoming increasingly aware of the use of their information (data). Now, individuals are more than ever concerned about the threats of the data. The implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is like a breath of fresh air for consumers.
Ethereum smart contracts
Ethereum Smart Contracts: Best Use Cases Of The Second Generation Blockchain
Due to the advanced scripting abilities of the Ethereum smart contracts (blockchain) solutions, many unforeseen use cases of Ethereum smart contracts are imaginable in today's world. Read on to know some of the best use cases of Ethereum Smart Contracts.
smart contracts in banking
Here’s How To Use Smart Contracts To Reinvent Banking
Currently, numerous myths, speculations, and inadequate buzz surround Smart Contracts in Banking. So, let us clear the clouds and tell you what changes can smart contracts in banking bring, how they could prove to be beneficial for banking, and how they help transform this sector.
blockchain technology
Unexpected Ways Blockchain Is Being Used For Disruption
Blockchain technology is the next disruptive technology after the internet because of the numerous advantages it offers to various industries. The advent of such reinventing technology often requires the disposition of existing concepts. Said that, Blockchain can drastically shift global paradigm.
blockchain for automotive
How Blockchain Technology Could Refuel The Automotive Industry
With Blockchain for Automotive, it can be made easier for corresponding companies to adhere to regulatory compliance. With blockchain for automotive, the automobile sector can become more trustworthy and efficient. Certainly, the technology has immense potential and is highly promising.
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