Real Estate

Why consider blockchain for real estate sector?

Need for a common database

Shared databases can prove to be critical for leasing, purchase and sale transactions. One of the prominent instances is multiple listing services, which collates property-level information from privately stored databases to property agents and brokers.

Accessibility for multiple entities to modify databases

Managing and transacting real estate properties include various entities, such as owners, operators, tenants, lenders, investors, and service providers, who provide, access, and modify a variety of information.

Transaction dependence

There are a few real estate transactions that have conditional clauses and can be executed through smart contracts. For example, the conclusion of a purchase-sale transaction could be reliant on title clearance or loan approvals.

Opportunities for disintermediation

Blockchain can disintermediate trusted intermediaries, due to increased transparency and security in title management and auto-confirmation by government land registries.

Lack of trust among entities

At times, participants in purchase and sealing and sale transactions are new and can become extra cautious in due diligence, and may even come up with data integrity concerns. However, Blockchain can help aid reduce this risk through digital identities and advance transparent record keeping systems for real estate titles, liens, financing, entitlement, and tenancy.

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