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Published : Feb 09, 2023


  • Web3 has become a trending topic in recent times. However, the issue is that businesses and c-suite executives want to get started with this new area enabled by blockchain development services without comprehending it properly. If you resonate with the same issue, you have landed on the right blog. This quick guide will help you gather the necessary information that can help you make the right decision concerning Web3 app development.

    Due to ambiguity around the topic, most people think Web3 comprises blockchain, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrency. That is partially true. However, the concept also involves technologies AI (artificial intelligence), IoT, (Internet of Things), and more. 

    Emerging technologies like blockchain and smart contracts essentially lay the foundation for Web3 applications to achieve a more inclusive goal. 

    They aim to make these applications permissionless and privacy-focused, contrary to today's centralized Web2 ecosystem. 

    What is a Web3 application?

    The concept of Web3 refers to the new iteration of the internet.

    It aims to create a decentralized internet consisting of web applications built on peer-to-peer (p2p) networks.

    The technology and tools that underlie these p2p networks are blockchains, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, tokenization, and other open-source tools.

    They essentially do away with centralized systems. 

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    The Emergence of Web3 applications

    Web3 represents a movement away from centralization.

    Instead of using centralized servers, it focuses on distributing data over the blockchain infrastructure of computing devices (referred to as nodes).

    At the same time, smart contract algorithms enable direct user-to-user transactions.

    Users have complete control over their information on this version of the web.

    They can decide whether to give their data to ad networks or whether they, rather than Facebook or Google, should be paid for selling it.

    Although Web3 app development is often synonymous with cryptocurrencies, the technology has many other applications. Listed below are a few Web3 examples.

    DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

    It is the token holders of DAOs that govern it. They cast a collective vote on actions using smart contracts. No centralized is in control of these organizations.

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

    Users can build and trade distinctive tokenized assets representing digital items on NFT marketplaces (art, videos, music, and other assets).

    Web3 browsers

    Privacy-focused browsers like Brave—can interact with dApps, give you control over what you see, and pay you in native cryptocurrency for viewing advertisements.


    Blockchain-based services such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi)  enable transactions to be carried out using digital wallets (dApps) without the involvement of third parties.

    Web 3 games

    Players can take part in play-to-earn activities, trade special items in common games, and purchase NFT real estate in Metaverses (virtual worlds).

    It's critical to remember that Web3 is an idea that is continually evolving and has the potential to become much more.

    But even those already in place show how much better it is than the current web generation.

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    Web3 App development | Challenges and Solutions 

    Some of Web3's technological features cast doubt on its accessibility and may make it more difficult to construct applications. The main difficulties that this technology now has are:


    Ethereum has higher transaction fees and slower performance than other blockchains.

    Yet, it is the foundation for the majority of blockchain initiatives.

    We leverage Layer 2 solutions (such as sidechains) or stick with less resource-intensive, higher-throughput blockchain networks to address these problems.


    Depending on the tech stack you choose, your Web3 application's smart contacts and digital assets may not work with all blockchains.

    Because of this, we suggest adaptable programming frameworks and adhere to the most recent interoperability solutions, which make digital assets accessible across well-liked networks.

    Regulatory Uncertainty

    Transactions are still mostly unregulated due to the decentralized nature of the Web3 environment.

    It leaves the door open for technical errors and fraud. The best course of action, for now, is to match your practices with industry-standard data privacy rules, even though the solution is still not clear (like GDPR, FDA, or HIPAA).

    Unlawful Activities

    According to Chainalysis's 2022 Crypto Crime Report, since 2017, criminals have transmitted over $33 billion in illegitimate cryptocurrencies.

    Employing non-intrusive KYC checks may help to solve this issue.

    Security Issues

    Because your protocols are only as safe as the security of underlying smart contracts, hacker attacks are alarmingly frequent with blockchain technology.

    Even worse, once the contract algorithms are published, they cannot be changed.

    As a result, to ensure compliant and error-free code, you require experienced smart contract developers and extensive smart contract security measures in place.

    Costly Development

    The majority of businesses are not willing to invest the resources necessary in standardized and safe web3 app development from scratch. 

    Fortunately, you don't have to build every part of your blockchain architecture from scratch.

    Oodles is an established blockchain development company that can address all of these issues. We take full advantage of this technology's composability feature to launch your application quickly.

    Our team can create highly efficient front-ends and smart contracts for your DeFi lending platform, NFT marketplace, or other blockchain-based applications.

    As a result, you will receive a safe and extremely flexible web3 blockchain network/platform in a matter of weeks rather than months.

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    The Best Technology Partner to Work With

    It's crucial to read reviews and contact references when verifying blockchain solution providers to make sure they are credible and possess the relevant expertise and experience.

    It's crucial to request a thorough proposal that includes information on the project's timelines, budget, and scope of work.

    When you receive the proposal, make sure to carefully study it to make sure it satisfies your requirements and expectations.

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    The Cost of Developing a Web3 Solution

    The complexity and size of web3 solutions and other IT requirements determine how much they will cost to implement. 

    In light of this, it is hard to predict in advance what the development budget for a certain web3 application should be.

    For the US, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe, we will simply provide an approximation of the price of web3 app development.

    For more information about blockchain-based web3 app development, you may connect with our skilled blockchain developers

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