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Some of the most influential industries have begun to realize the potential of Blockchain-as-a-service. In fact, the giants who rule the online landscape, the three cloud providers, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM have come up with BaaS platforms. Not only these companies have realized the underlying possibilities of Blockchain, but other companies like Google have also bought up blockchain technology firms like Firebase. It’s an attempt to secure a foothold in what is presenting as well as shaping up to be an extremely lucrative market. And so there is an upsurge in blockchain development service providers.



From startups to big multinational corporations, anyone will be eventually able to use Baas (Blockchain-as-a-service) for various tasks, ranging from enhancing stocktaking, safeguarding confidential customer records, storing property ownership, helping in launching an ICO campaign, etc. Basically, Blockchain can become a partial solution to the issues relating to the vast number of transactions and processes that support the global economic landscape today.


Blockchain in the healthcare industry, for instance, can be used to enable electronic medical records, order, and drug stock levels. Not only the blockchain technology can improve the development of new drugs, but can also help streamline claims adjudication.


The blockchain technology in the insurance sector is ready to help create accurate, real-time assessments of customers. Further, it will allow for the first ‘smart insurance plans’ that could enable the world’s first pay-as-you-need insurance policies. This means the technology can also help us streamline internal processes, decrease fraud rate, and enhance the customer experience as well.


Why Choose Us As Blockchain Development Service Providers?

Blockchain Solutions is a revolutionary idea of Oodles Technologies. It aims to become one of the best blockchain development service providers globally. We also have extensive experience in secure cryptocurrency application development landscape. With more than 3+ experience in this niche, our clients always praise us for our fast blockchain development services.


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