What makes Blockchain Development in Python a Viable Decision

Published : Nov 26, 2018

Blockchain Development in Python

  • The blockchain is now getting significant traction and becoming a disruptive technology that has recently appeared on the tech scene. You will not only find it underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but also in other prominent sectors like finance, Internet of Things applications, healthcare, and even governments.

    Blockchain at a glance:

    At its core, blockchain is a distributed ledger that enables digital transactions between two or more parties without involving an authoritative mediator.

    You may think of it as a simple concept, but blockchain holds significant implications for organizations ranging from governments to banks or even unexplored markets.

    Although blockchain developers write blockchain applications in C++, many data scientists turn to other blockchain programming languages for developing their blockchain solutions.

    While there are numerous blockchain programming languages, Python is one of the most worthwhile for developing a blockchain application or project.

    Let's look at some of the prominent advantages of Blockchain development in Python: 

    1- A state-of-the-art and non-complex language

    It's been more than two decades Python came into existence. Now its spot in the technology landscape is growing more stronger.

    Python has always got enough support from the community of passionate developers. And thus, has been able to evolve as a language which guarantees stability and reliability.

    It's a programming language that holds a bright future. So, rest assured that your application will be built using a programming language which won't become obsolete in the future soon.

    Also, Python offers a gentle learning curve that makes it quite easy for developers to comprehend within a sound time-frame. Not only this but it also allows wannabe blockchain developers to contribute to projects in comparatively less time.

    2- Considered unadorned and minimalistic

    There are two underlying concepts of Python, simplicity, and minimalism. Its simplicity is because of the different features it carries. One of those is, for instance, in Python, white spaces indicate code blocks, and developers using it don't need to ponder over adding curly brackets and keywords. They can begin Blockchain development in Python without having to write a lot of coding.

    3- Python is in trends

    Take a gander at this year's TIOBE index, and you can find Python standing at the third spot among all programming languages. And the index signifies that Python is here to stay, given its continually growing popularity.

    In reality, if you're looking to hire blockchain developers for Blockchain development in Python, you'll have an easy time appointing your project team as there is a myriad of developers who specialize in Python. However, easy access to Python experts won't be enough. The growing popularity of the language also means that team you've built would need to take advantage of Python's vibrant community, that shares knowledge and builds useful libraries.

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    4- Run it compiled or uncompiled

    Opposite to C++, Python is a language that comes scripted and doesn't require compilation to become comprehending for machines, making blockchain development in Python an easy process.

    Let's understand this with a simple scenario. Imagine executing an application and noticing a bug in it. If you've used a compiled language, to fix it, you would need to halt the application on production, return to the source code, fix the bug, recompile the code and re-run your application.

    On the other hand, in Python, all you require to do is fixing the bug and restarting your application- no need to recompile the code. And that's how it offers this massive advantage in building blockchains.

    Translating code while in progress can adversely impact the performance of scripting languages. Therefore, Python comes with the option of pre-compiling code along with numerous other techniques that expedite it, giving developers an edge while working in Blockchain.

    5- Free packages for Blockchain Development

    Another advantage of using Python in the Blockchain project is that it provides developers with a hub of free packages to them code more efficiently. Here's a complete list of libraries it offers.

    Blockchain Development in Python:

    Blockchain has some specific requirements when it comes to language and code.

    In general, when opting for a programming language to develop a blockchain project, you need to ensure that it is secure, scalable, and performant.

    You need to have an advanced language to ensure the safety of blockchains- turn to Python.

    Since blockchain is a distributed ledger, anyone can add to it. Then, your network and code must have the ability to deal with a growing query list. Python has got that covered. Eventually, a blockchain application needs to permit anyone to add to the chain without processing these transactions in parallel. For that, you need a versatile and speedy language-and that's why you should go for Python.

    Implementing Blockchain:

    Python enables developers to write a simple blockchain application in less than 50 lines of code.

    First, we need to outline how the block would look. Blockchain stores each block with a timestamp and an index. Blockchain integrity is paramount, and thus, ensure it using a cryptography hash of the block's index, data, timestamp, and a previous block's hash or the genesis block's.

    Python could prove to be handier if you're trying to develop an Internet of Things use case. The language makes the process of building blocks with relevant information and syncing them together much simple.

    If you've any query about Blockchain development in Python, reach out to us, and we'll be at your disposal.

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