Developing an Online Food Delivery App with Blockchain

Published by : Mudit | Jan-08-2020

blockchain food delivery app

  • A blockchain-based food delivery app can offer various benefits to developers, owners, and end-users. It is because Blockchain supply chain management for the food industry is well-known for providing advantages like higher security, better transparency and traceability, and more in a business network. Thus and so, diverse industrials domains are adopting supply chain solutions built using blockchain technology platforms, such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, and others. If we talk about food delivery app development with blockchain, it essentially provides an edge over traditional apps due to blockchain-powered attributes like secure and seamless data storage and sharing. 

    To understand what advantages a mobile app can get when developed using blockchain, we will consider a case of a food delivery mobile app. We will analyze the impact of using blockchain as a database or underlying technology infrastructure for the mobile app. So, let’s begin with understanding the key concepts of blockchain. 

    Key Concepts of Blockchain for Mobile App Development

    Shared, Distributed Ledger

    One of the primary attributes of blockchain is that transactions once approved and appended to it become immutable. It means nobody can alter any data without consensus, a mechanism for approving transactions, and changing the ledger’s state. It also eliminates the chances of data duplications as transaction information is added after consensus or approval from network admins. Additionally, it enables all network participants access to transaction information. However, they can view only those transaction information for which they have been permitted. 


    It is not necessary to enable ledger access to all participants. Blockchain solutions also provide the provision to prevent participants from viewing specific transactions. It strengthens the security and ensures that only authentic participants in the network access information.


    A blockchain solution can only add transactions when there is a consensus between transacting users for a specific transaction. It means that not even network operators or stakeholders can alter or change the state of transactions on the ledger. Consequently, it provides various advantages like end-to-end-traceability, fast transactions, data security, and more. Thus, it makes sense to integrate into your business operations. 

    These are some of the perks that come with using blockchain as the underlying infrastructure to develop and run a mobile app. Now, let’s assess the type of blockchain participants to understand who plays what role in a network. 

    The Roles of Blockchain Participants in a Mobile App Development

    Blockchain Mobile App Users

    These are users who join a Blockchain mobile app network to make transactions with other users in the network.


    Regulators have special permission to oversee each transaction occurring in the network by anyone.

    Blockchain Mobile App Developers

    Blockchain developers develop the mobile app and the blockchain network on which transactions and other activities work.

    Mobile or Network Operators (Owner)

    These are people who form, manage and observe the Blockchain network.

    Benefits of Developing a Food Delivery Mobile App with Blockchain

    Tracking of Food Items

    With Blockchain technology the tracking of food items is very easy. Barcodes, QR code makes the job much easier for companies. Moreover, businesses can regulate who gets access to see the information of products.

    Prevents Fraud

    The strict security measures protect the transactions and information from frauds, and data tampering. With food tests, the possibility of detect of foreign matters in the food items could be detected, along with minute details like a batch of food, timings for execution, etc.

    Food Safety

    The mobile app could be loaded with features that allow you to get an update on your business issue in a few seconds. Thus it prevents food items from going to waste. Moreover, you can get track of contaminated foods and safe foods.

    Faster payments

    Blockchain makes payment not only secure and faster as well. An app could make your business free from the hassle of delay in payments due to cross-checking which used to happen in traditional ways of the industry.

    Product Information 

    Product information is essential if you want to keep a track of all the information including the product price, and other essentials, in short, called product labeling. A mobile application can ease out the process by allowing only reliable suppliers to enter the chain.

    Tracking of Food Volumes

    Customers or suppliers can easily have information about food volumes bought and sold for each member in the supply chain. Thus, there is no need to have a central authority that needs to be trusted.

    Reducing Expenditure

    Blockchain reduces expenses by removing the intermediaries so that participants can directly do trade with each other. Thus efforts to accomplish a task get reduced significantly.

    Better Privacy

    User IDs and permissions allow users to choose which transaction details are required. Thus a user can have better privacy and thus it builds the trust of users.

    Wrapping Up

    Blockchain technology is one of the most sought after technologies that can benefit various industries. Specifically, if we talk about the food industry, many areas could be improved.

    Many top brands like Unilever, Amazon have included Blockchain to a great extent.

    This is why Top Mobile App Development Companies like us emphasize Blockchain mobile app development with our expert pool of Blockchain experts having fuelled various Fortune 500 companies.

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