Tracking Counterfeit Drugs With Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

Published : Mar 12, 2019

Blockchain Healhtcare Application

  • Blockchain application development services provide the pharmaceutical industry with solutions to stop the influx of counterfeit drugs.

    Blockchain, by its design, is immutable, reliable, and secure. The implementation of its distributed ledger design across the value chain enables healthcare stakeholders to avoid several challenges like counterfeit medicines.

    Entering the War against Counterfeit Drugs

    Faulty supply chain management is a critical challenge for any industry. In the healthcare sector, a compromised healthcare supply chain means compromised safety of patients.

    Blockchain Healthcare

    Manufacturers: Integrating QR Codes 

    The process to fight counterfeit drugs starts with a manufacturer adding QR codes after mass-producing them. A QR code carries drug information like name, timestamp, manufacturing details, and expiry dates. It acts as a unique identifier, a long string of letters and numbers, to identify details of a specific transaction on the blockchain.

    Logistics: Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) with Distributed Ledger (Blockchain)

    IoT-enabled vehicles equipped with temperature sensors ship them to distributors to enable cold-chain shipping.  Further, stakeholders detect anomalies by assessing data produced by the temperature sensors on the blockchain with a mobile or web app. It saves an enormous amount of time and effort taken in auditing the storage conditions of temperature-sensitive drugs.

    Distributors: Authenticating and sending drugs to hospitals/pharmacies

    Drug distributors check the provenance of medicines and other information using the hash ID stored on the blockchain. They access all the information added by the manufacturers and shipment provider to verify the received drugs digitally. Then, smart contracts execute payments and approve the delivery of drugs to hospitals/pharmacies.

    Hospitals/Pharmacies: Collecting and verifying received drugs

    Hospitals/pharmacies validate the authenticity of the received drugs with the same immutable information. Upon the approval of drugs by the pharmacist, blockchain finalizes the transactions and ensures a legal trade. Pharmacists use the hash ID or QR code to track received drugs' provenance, or any activity by distributors to counterfeit drugs with a fake ID.

    Patients: Validating drugs with QR codes

    Patients ensure whether the drugs they have received are safe or not with a blockchain mobile app that scans the QR code. With the hash ID attached to the QR code, they can know everything about a drug, from its source to quality standards.

    Blockchain Healthcare

    Blockchain as a Solution

    Our Blockchain developers can develop blockchain healthcare applications with several advanced features, such as:

    - Nullifying the transactions if the drugs contain fraudulent information
    - Prohibiting access to unauthorized individuals in the drug supply chain
    - Enabling healthcare stakeholders to track anomalies in the transactions in real-time
    - Monitoring every movement of drugs in the chain of custody


    Using Blockchain  healthcare application development, we can shift the governance model of a drug supply chain to the surveillance net. We can provide a solution using which every stakeholder can track every activity in the supply chain in a transparent manner

    Clients looking to solve problems like drug counterfeit, thefts, and shipment recalls can connect with us.

    Healthcare blockchain solutions provided by Oodles can empower the entire drug supply chain with tracking and traceability features.

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