Blockchain MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development Guide

Published : Dec 02, 2022

Blockchain Minimum Viable Product (MVP) -

  • The process of creating the simplest possible iteration of blockchain solutions with the bare minimum of features is known as blockchain Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. Typically, proof of concept (POC) development comes before MVP blockchain development.

    MVP Development: What is it?

    An MVP is a functional prototype as opposed to a PoC, which cannot be released. Its goal is to illustrate in practice how a suggested solution solves a specific issue and to assess its viability. If the MVP receives affirmation and approval, scaling is simple.

    The MVP is employed to determine how interested consumers are in the product and to solicit feedback. Before the creation of a finished product, it looks for a problem/solution and product/market fit. This happens only by entering the market and allowing customers to test the product. The MVP must be reliable and functional enough to persuade users of its value realistically and compellingly.

    Making an MVP is especially helpful for startups that want to test their ideas early on without spending much money or time. Big business and government entities both use MVPs when creating new services or solutions.

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    Industries for MVP Development

    • Insurance
    • Government
    • Identity management
    • Asset management
    • Government
    • Identity management
    • Asset management
    • Administration of medical records
    • Supply chain
    • Payment solutions

    Is an MVP required for your blockchain solution? Here are some ways that it can help your company!

    Benefits of Building a Blockchain MVP for Your Business

    The easiest method to test your blockchain technology with users is to create an MVP. It can assist you in validating the solution's value proposition and identifying its advantages and disadvantages.

    Creating a blockchain MVP has several advantages, including:

    Efficiency of Resources

    A very resource-effective way to test your idea is via an MVP. It enables you to reach out to users and provide them with a straightforward answer while saving you money and effort.

    Easy to Develop

    An MVP is simpler to create than an entire solution. Because of this, it is a desirable choice for any business looking to test an idea in the real world without running the risk of major difficulties.

    An MVP may also be adjusted more simply after receiving user feedback because it is so lean. Additionally, this makes locating and resolving bugs much simpler.

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    Simple to Scale

    In addition to being quickly delivered, an MVP is also simple to scale. The organization may quickly move forward with the development of new features and deployment once the solution has been evaluated and shaped by user feedback.

    Speedy Market Entry

    An MVP allows a quick market entry, especially for startups. This is crucial if a startup wants to outperform rivals in its industry. If an MVP is accepted and used by users, this can provide the company a head start that very well may determine its success.

    Evidence of Value

    An MVP provides concrete evidence of a solution's worth. It can be used as a way to de-risk more significant investments that possible future development may demand because it is more affordable and simpler to construct than a full-fledged blockchain system.

    The advantages of creating an MVP for your blockchain solution include those listed above. It is a practical and low-risk technique to determine whether your idea will work or run into difficulties.

    Ever wondered how an MVP is created? See below for information on how Oodles creates MVPs!

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    The Process for Developing a Blockchain MVP

    The creation of an MVP blockchain often involves multiple steps. These are essential to guarantee that the solution is properly defined, developed, and deployed and that it satisfies all client requirements. Oodles uses the following protocols, frameworks, and coding languages when creating an MVP blockchain.

    The steps listed below are typically taken in order when creating an MVP:

    Analysis of systems and value propositions

    We analyze the value proposition of the client as a first step. We evaluate the current system to see if it can support the creation of the MVP. Analyzing any prior PoC created is also a part of this.

    Minimal Scope Description

    Following a preliminary study, we establish the project's minimal scope with the client to satisfy the value proposition. At this point, the MVP starts to take shape, and its most fundamental features get developed. Wireframes, layouts, and other elements are all created in this process along with deciding on the front that will be utilized for the application.

    Development of MVP

    We create the MVP in the least amount of time possible using a variety of technologies and frameworks. The creation of the various data structures, contracts, and front end are all included in this.

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    Analysis and Revision of the Results

    Developers thoroughly test MVP on a testing network after its development. The creation and client review of a report. Further, they develop additional revisions of the MVP in response to feedback from the client and test results.

    Scaling of Products

    You can scale and deploy a blockchain MVP after thoroughly testing and considering feedback.

    Oodles' Blockchain MVP Development

    Over 100 blockchain projects have been created by the team of blockchain developers at Oodles, the majority of which started as MVPs.

    We have amassed the knowledge and skills necessary to quickly and effectively create end-to-end MVP blockchain solutions for our clients using the correct tools.

    We can iterate quickly and adjust to new requirements and feedback thanks to our agile approach to MVP development.

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