The Rise of Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Published : Jun 22, 2021

crypto derivatives exchange development

  • The market capitalization of cryptocurrency trading has increased by a factor of ten in the last two years. Cryptocurrency is currently one of the most forward-thinking industries. Industry leaders are always developing new trading instruments to increase returns for traders. Crypto derivatives trading is one such trading product that is currently gaining a lot of traction and not only are traders flocking to it, but so crypto exchange platform.

    Crypto derivatives were first offered by exchanges such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) a few years ago. They make a lot of money with Bitcoin Futures. As a result, numerous exchanges are considering allowing their users to trade crypto derivatives.

    Defining what is a Derivative

    A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is contingent on the performance of an underlying financial asset or group of assets. Derivatives are a type of financial instrument that can be used to speculate on the movement of an underlying asset, hedge a position, or leverage holdings. The value of a derivative is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset's value.

    Explanation of Derivatives Types

    Forwards, futures, swaps, and options are the most prevalent derivatives. Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, and market indexes are the most frequent underlying assets.

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    A long position is taken by the party committing to buy the underlying asset in the future, while a short position is taken by the party agreeing to sell the asset in the future. These parties' non-standardized contract is known as a forward. The delivery price, which is equal to the forward price when the contract is agreed upon, is the price agreed upon between the parties.


    A futures contract is a standardized contract that may be bought and sold through a clearinghouse. In terms of margin needs, they have interim partial settlements.


    Swaps are derivatives in which two parties exchange the cash flows of one financial instrument for the cash flows of the other financial instrument. During a transaction, a swap agreement is produced that specifies the cash flow payment dates and computation process.


    Financial derivatives known as options allow buyers the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a pre-determined price and date. Call and Put options are the two types of options that can be used for hedging, income, or speculation.

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    Crypto Derivates Exchange | Advantages

    With the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the rise of cryptocurrencies began in the 2010s. As a result, several other cryptocurrencies rose to prominence, forever altering the crypto market. According to Cryptoticker, the cryptocurrency derivatives trading volume surged by 840 percent in 2019 to an average of 26 billion dollars, up from 2.5 billion dollars in January. Now, let's look at some of the advantages of crypto exchanges:

    • Reliability
    • Security
    • Operational speed
    • Low transactional interest
    • There are no deposit costs.
    • There are numerous trading pairs and currencies to choose from.
    • Allows you to make bank transfers
    • A significant trade volume
    • Trading without the benefit of verification

    Functionality and essential features

    Automated Transactions 

    Derivative trading eliminates the need for middlemen, transactions are automated, and the trade process is completed faster and more efficiently.

    Liquidity with a Leverage

    The Derivative Trading platform includes leveraging liquidity features that produce liquidity automatically after a trade is completed successfully. These liquidities will significantly contribute to the members' benefits.

    Order Matching with Advanced Features

    Advanced order matching should be available on the trading platform, which matches corresponding buyers with sellers depending on their specifications.

    Wallet with Multiple Currencies

    The platform must be able to work with a variety of currencies and enable compatibility with well-known wallets in today's crypto market. This helps to the participants' ease of access.

    Advanced Admin Panel

    The platform should provide a robust admin panel that responds to client inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The platform's scalability gets aid by the presence of an active admin panel at all times.

    A powerful trading engine

    The platform must have a robust trade engine that accounts for an effective asset management system that manages the asset that will be transferred to both ends after a formal agreement is signed.

    Modes of Access in Multiple Languages

    The platform should be able to communicate in many languages, which is important for the ease of access feature, which makes asset transfers easier and safer.

    Compliance Across Platforms

    The platform should provide cross-platform compliance, allowing more people to participate by allowing them to effectively transact their assets and secure their assets through an agreement.

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    Choosing the Most Reliable Crypt Derivatives Exchange

    Liquidity Management

    It's simple: a more liquid exchange performs more trading. The more liquidity an exchange provides, the easier it is for users to transact fast and easily while avoiding price volatility.

    Also, see if there is a lock-in pricing option that allows you to lock in a price from the start of the transaction until the end of the settlement. It's crucial because of the volatility of bitcoin prices.

    Technology Integration

    We cannot ignore technology when it comes to the crypto market. To avoid fraudulent activities, any crypto derivatives exchange must be constructed on top-of-the-line technology.

    Is there an HTTPS connection on the URL? Is there a two-factor authentication system in place? Do you keep your deposits in cold storage when they're not in use? Is it necessary to monitor the exchange 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with transaction notifications sent through SMS and email? Before you choose crypto derivatives exchange to trade on, you should consider the following questions.

    Transaction Fees 

    Most exchanges charge less than 1% each transaction, with the fee decreasing as trading volume grows. Check to see if the currencies you want to trade have any withdrawal fees. It may differ for various altcoins. Several exchanges also provide convenient payment alternatives, although they charge a large deposit fee.

    Enhanced User Interaction

    An exchange must be available on both the desktop and as a mobile application, with a straightforward user interface. In the case of cryptocurrency derivatives trading, a consumer would like not to have to give detailed personal information. That could be a deciding element in your decision.

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    Final Thoughts

    Building a crypto derivatives exchange may appear to be a difficult task. However, the business opportunity can prove to be beneficial.

    With the help of our crypto exchange development experts, we provide bespoke services for the construction of derivatives exchanges at Oodles. We offer solutions tailored to your company's needs, whether you want to incorporate a derivatives trading module into an existing exchange or develop a brand new exchange from the ground up.

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