Decentraland(MANA) vs Sandbox(SAND): Which Metaverse Is The Best?

  • At present, digital lands and collectibles soaring both in utility and price due to the flourishing of the virtual world and metaverse experiences. So the knowing fact is that metaverse is now a reality and a shared digital reality where digital representations of people can interact with each other.

    Among all the buildup surrounding the metaverse, the talking on Decentraland VS Sandbox has started acquiring attention. Thus, without any governing entity, both of them are altogether decentralized metaverse platforms. So, first, we have to go deep into the differences between them, and which one is the better? Let’s have a detailed look at the differences between Decentraland and Sandbox.

    What is Decentraland(MANA)?

    The Ethereum network-powered virtual reality platform, which permits users not only to create an experience but also monetizes the applications and contents called itself Decentraland(MANA).

    Although it is a virtual world where users can buy land and later navigate to monetize it or build upon same. It is the first header in the metaverse Space started in 2017 with a $24 million initial coin offering(ICO) and is an altogether immersive and engaging 3D metaverse. The launching beta version of the platform was in 2019 and became available to the public from 2020. Also, the powering of Decentraland is by three assets- MANA, LAND, and WEAR. So MANA is an ERC-20 token contract that needs to be burnt and get another ERC-721 LAND token. Although, the use of MANA coin is also to pay for various avatars, names, wearables, and other products available on the Decentraland (MANA) marketplace. Thus for running by a DAO, it was the first blockchain used in the metaverse.

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    What is Sandbox(SAND)?

    The launch of an important player, Sandbox is in 2011 by Pixowl. It is a blockchain-based virtual world letting the user build, create, sell, and buy digital assets via a 3D gaming platform in 2017. The combination of the superpower has non-fungible tokens(NFT) and decentralized autonomous organizations(DAO), creating a thriving community of gaming enthusiasts.

    Although one of the main aims of Sandbox is focusing on empowering artists, creators, and players in the blockchain community to grow the platform according to their thought. Thus, for the evolution of modern gaming space sandbox gives the ideal means for free creativity. So for running transactions on the platform, SAND is the utility token platform that helps.

    Under Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borgat, the release of Sandbox metaverse was to the public in November 2021. And, SAND, LAND, ASSET, and GAMES are the four tokens. Thus the backing is by one of the largest investment companies, SoftBank.

    Decentraland VS Sandbox: How do they work?

    Although these both metaverse platforms have the same concept with users being able to discover the virtual world. It also interacts with other players and objects in it.

    The Decentraland and Sandbox Metaverse permits users to buy virtual land and create their world to use it. In other words, users can create, experience, and monetize their applications and content. Thus to spot your content and monetize, you need to buy a piece of land first. Also, to sell these contents or assets for the local currency of the platform, there is a marketplace.

    Another analogy between Decentraland VS Sandbox is that both developed on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, on the Ethereum blockchain, the representation of land and storing is as NFT.

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    What are the differences between Decentraland VS Sandbox?

    The functioning of both these platforms shows that they have various similarities, but in some way, they are different too.

    Decentraland has 90,601 parcels of land, the grouping of individual parcels of land into estates(many parcels), districts(parcels with similar themes), and plazas(untradable community-owned parcels). On the other side, the Sandbox has 166 464 land plots, and grouping can be into estates(owned by one person) or districts(owned by two or more people).

    The other main difference between these two metaverse platforms would be wallet compatibility. In this current time, Decentaraland has benefits over Sandbox. You can use any form of ERC-20 wallet in the marketplaces of both projects. On the other side, Decentraland has recently proposed a growth by bridging with Walletconnect. Thus, it can permit Polygon users to join in Decentraland.

    The casual highlight is the virtual real estate in the Decentraland VS Sandbox. In this case, Sandbox offers a better choice for users to buy virtual land by grasping the Sandbox marketplace and the OpenSea. On the opposite, Decentraland permits users to buy only from the MANA marketplace.

    For differentiating between Sandbox and Decentraland, the pace of growth is also crucial work. Both platforms ensure the progress of new features by making rapid growth. But, for using almost 100 times lesser energy analogy to Ethereum, Sandbox emerges as a winner by migrating to Polygon NFT layer two solutions.

    Sandbox stands as a clear winner in respect of platform access. It gives many reachable options for introducing the platform, such as social media or email account, through a Metamask wallet. But, Decentraland permits access only through connecting a wallet.

    Also introducing the platform on mobile devices, Sandbox has a clear vision focus for its future growth. Besides consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, the platform plans to bring the platform. Furthermore, by the end of 2023, the plan of the platform also on featuring around 5000 games. On the other side, Decentraland does not follow a definite roadmap.

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    Which Metaverse is the best among Decebtraland VS Sandbox?

    At the moment, it is hard to say which decentralized metaverse is better. Thus, regardless Sandbox is in Alpha mode and has not been as battle-tested as Decentraland but has better graphics and runs smoother than Decentraland. Also, at the moment, Sandbox is much more centralized than Decentraland.

    Furthermore, the prediction of crypto shows that the Sandbox token values are ready to explore much in the future than the Decentraland. So if this happens, it’s an easier time to convince people to invest in them.

    At present, it is hard to say which one will win in the long race as the market seems to be favoring the Sandbox over Decentraland.


    Due to social media buzz, people are centering on Metaverse, which is driving up pricing. A balanced overview for both platforms is the differences in the Decentraland VS Sandbox present comparison. As of now, you can see how tough it is to find out which decentralized metaverse is a better alternative. While Decentraland has already offered the working proof of concept, Sandbox is still in Alpha mode.

    On the other side, Sandbox has some famous names backing it alongside introducing better graphics and presenting better accessibility. But, both of them have come a long way to go in the growth of the larger decentralized metaverse. Learn more about both these metaverse platforms connect with our Oodles development experts.


Published on : Mar 15, 2022

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