How to Develop a dApp (Decentralized Application)

Published : Jul 11, 2018

Blockchain dapps

  • In this blog, we've outlined a step-by-step process that shows how to develop a DApp (decentralized application). It's because blockchain technology has become a rage in today's digital world. With over 1000 DApps in the market, and with each of them ready to influence specific industries, 'how to develop a dApp' has become a term that everyone is finding answers to it. With the market capitalization for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency touching the $800 billion mark, why would anyone not want to develop a Dapp for themselves?

    Decentralized Application Development 

    Dapps or Decentralized apps are basically blockchain-based solutions developed to solve various real-world problems, such as which arise because of the limitations imposed by centralization and censorship.

    It's the decentralized nature of DApps that eradicates the need for middlemen and intermediaries for transactional purposes on a network. It is this very fundamental feature of DApps that has made them a raging prospect in this digital world.

    Here are some of the features you need to keep in mind while getting a DApp developed either by an expert DApp Development Company or a Blockchain Development Company.

    • As the name suggests, all application data and operation records should be available on a public blockchain network. They need to be accessible to every participant of it.
    • The participant would need to adhere to some pre-defined PoV (proof-of-value) protocols, such as PoW (proof-of-work), which are currently being used by Ethereum and Bitcoin.
    • Open-source: A consensus of participating entities will do all the governance of the app, and the source code must be accessible for public use.
    • Participants who don't fail in carrying out PoV (proof-of-value) operation should be get incentivized, such as with new cryptocurrency.

    Note: We've only mentioned the instance of a project deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, to keep it simple and because it is one of the most popular blockchain platforms at present.

    Developing a Decentralized Application

    The Setup

    Before getting started developing a DApp on Ethereum Blockchain, proper planning and organization are a must. You need to decide what sort of application you want, what purposes it will serve, and what blockchain platform will be the most suitable to develop it. Do not forget that it's a DApp therefore, the services and storage facilities you want in the app must work in a decentralized way.

    Coding Smart Contracts to Create Your DApp

    This is one of the most vital parts when setting out to develop a DApp. In this phase, a smart contract gets coded that is the key working entity of your platform. It needs to be done properly.  If it's vulnerable or glitched, people may risk losing their money.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that this procedure is subject to change over the development period.

    A smart contract development company or blockchain development company like Oodles can help you achieve this step in less cost and time.

    Considering Gas and Gas Costs for a DApp

    Gas refers to the quantity of fuel needed to execute a transaction.

    Now, when a transaction is happening, a code gets executed, which happens to be on the device of the person who mines the transaction.

    The gas prices are set in Ether, making it important to have a sufficient balance during the development of a DApp. One important aspect of this DApp development phase is that the smart contract needs to be structured in a way that can keep the gas costs at a minimum.

    Developing the Frontend

    Once the smart contracts get coded, the next step is developing the front end for your decentralized application. To skip all the R&D part and quickly get hands-on with your DApp, one can hire a decentralized app development company as well.

    After successfully developing the front end, the smart contract needs to be connected to the front end of the DApp. The Remix IDE can be utilized here, with the contract ABI telling the IDE what features the contract contains.

    Making the DApp Visible to the World

    After the development work, when all glitches have been eradicated, and the DApp is all set to make it big on the global online scene, deploying it using hosting services and making it available for the world is all that remains.

    It will be beneficial to host it on a decentralized file-sharing system, such as IPFS (Interplanetary file system). It's a platform that offers you free decentralized hosting as long as you want.

    The steps mentioned above are an overview only of the development process of a Dapp. They may not provide you with complete information.

    Oodles Expertise in Blockchain-based DApp Development:

    If this all seems to be a tedious task, don't worry! We are here to help you.

    Developing a blockchain-based decentralized application using resources like the internet and books may have you develop a working app, but it may not ensure the success you want from it. However, our team of skilled blockchain experts can ensure that you have your own DApp developed and customized as per your requirements. We provide decentralized application development services for a variety of industries and needs, as well as develop smart contracts to help you with your decentralized app.

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