EOS Blockchain: Is It a Better Investment for DApp Development

Published by : Mudit | Feb-25-2019

EOS Blockchain: Is It a Better Investment for DApp Development

  • Although EOS is maybe the “Ethereum Killer” as touted by many, in general, it is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications development. Given the EOS advantages over Ethereum, crypto enthusiasts are considering EOS.IO a suitable and efficient blockchain platform for DApp development.

    EOS provides blockchain developers with an easy solution for application hosting, executing smart contracts, and other operating systems like services.

    Whether it’s because of the speculation of EOS as a centralized bank or achieving the top spot in the list of most promising blockchain projects, EOS is giving tough competition to its adversaries. Although its previously exposed vulnerabilities and other technical issues halted its adoption for a while, EOS didn’t have a hard time.

    The hype around EOS blockchain seems to be never fading. This blockchain platform is always in news. 

    Now, let’s move on to EOS advantages it offers for decentralized application development and find out whether is it really the “Ethereum Killer.” 

    EOS Advantages over Ethereum

    Best Crypto Project According to Github Commits

    Investors and traders use Github activity to track potential investments. Github commits are an easy way for investors to find out the recent updates to a codebase. And, it also helps in measuring the progress in development concerning the cryptocurrency roadmap.

    EOS stands at the fourth spot among more numerous cryptocurrencies in the given period.

    Fast, Cheap and Highly Scalable Blockchain Operating System

    Visa processes more than 20,000 transactions per second (TPS). Also, currently, most of the smart contracting platforms can manage only 100 TPS. As per the claims, EOS can manage up to 4000 TPS with the goal to reach TPS in millions in the future.

    Features like Anti-Theft and Freezing

    EOS involves no mining process. It gives the block produces added flexibility. Using which, bad actors fail to do anything malicious. Additionally, unlike other blockchains, it is possible to restore control of your account with EOS if you’ve lost your keys. Not only this but also if someone alerts about a bug in a DApp, EOS freezes such accounts once it achieves a 15/21 vote agreement among the block producers. Another advantage is it allows to update the code of an improper or faulty contract without involving hard-forking.

    Decentralized Exchange Development on EOS Blockchain

    Eosfinex boasts of being the world’s first high-performance decentralized exchange. It shared the plans for developing a decentralized exchange on EOS. The reason to choose EOS for development is it provides a transparent and trustless method for cryptocurrencies trading.

    Decentralized Wikipedia Development on EOS using EOS Storage

    The EOS Github has listed a document about EOS storage. Developed using IPFS, it explains a decentralized storage solution. EOS DApp development could utilize this document to decentrally store data without involving any third party involvement.

    In reality, Wikipedia co-founder is planning to develop Everipedia using EOS. According to him, after analyzing all possible solution available, he finds EOS is way better than Ethereum for his project.

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