Using Ethereum Smart Contract Development for Businesses

Published : May 14, 2020

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

  • Lately, blockchain technology has generated significant interest across diverse industries due to the attributes it offers. Now, more industry players are piloting the technology to find and fit particular uses in their business processes for efficiency. One revolutionary application of Blockchain technology is smart contract solutions.

    A smart contract solution is a set of self-executing codes on a blockchain. It carries the potential to automatically implement the terms and conditions of an agreement between two or more transacting parties. It can play a critical role in streamlining processes that are currently spread across multiple databases.

    If you are thinking of moving from traditional to smart contracts, you may have some concerns regarding that. Is it safe, feasible, and effective? So, let’s understand their pros and cons, application areas, and methods of implementation.

    Smart Contracts

    Technically, a smart contract is a type of digital contract of a traditional legal contract between two or more business parties. Simply put, it is a computer-generated program on blockchain that automatically enforces the terms of a multiparty agreement.

    What’s unique about a smart contract is that if parties fail to meet the mentioned conditions, it revokes the contract and thwarts respective transactions.

    A blockchain underlies a smart contract, which makes it distributed across all participants in an agreement that nobody can alter. Consequently, all the members involved in a transaction or agreement can have a transparent, immutable view of its terms and conditions.

    Also, it doesn’t require a third party to ensure the guarantee of a transaction.

    The blockchain-powered smart contract codes do the job.

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    Ethereum Blockchain 

    Ethereum blockchain boasts of having one of the world‘s leading blockchain and smart contract platforms and is a preferred choice for most blockchain developers.

    After the platform’s launch in July 2015, it has grown by leaps and bounds.

    It facilitates smart contract solutions development for businesses from online games to loyalty programs.

    Indeed, Ethereum‘s smart contract development provides an extended level of standardization and support for businesses.

    The platform has clearly defined rules for developers to follow. It makes smart contract development easier and less risky for developers. On the support side, Ethereum aims to enhance the way we create and execute smart contracts. For that, they introduced their smart contract programming language, Solidity.

    It not only assists with standardization but also makes it easier to implement and set up smart contracts for business use cases.

    Ethereum Smart Contract Platform Features:

    • Cost-effective setup
    • Ethereum token standard or ERC-20
    • The smart contract programming language, Solidity
    • Clearly defined guidelines for developers
    • A cutting-edge development community
    • Lots of literature/help available

    An Ethereum smart contract account lets you create and participate in smart contracts. Once recorded and stored on the Ethereum blockchain, nobody can change smart contract rules.

    Business Case Call for Smart Contract Development?

    Ethereum Smart Contract Development

    Image Source: CB Insights

    Smart contracts find applications across numerous industries, for instance, in insurance,  crowdfunding, IoT, real estate, banking, international trade, and more.

    The technology is eventually being used to replace notaries, lawyers, and legal advisors.

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    Building Smart Contracts with Ethereum

    For smart contract implementation in your business, you need to set up an Ethereum blockchain development environment using one of the following ways

    • From scratch
    • Use Ethereum Blockchain as a service

    For quickly validating the business idea, businesses choose the Ethereum blockchain as a service (Also, scalability and efficient deployment of blockchain applications is a key issue in enterprise blockchain adoption..g., Azure).

    It enables a development team to have a plug-and-play cloud-based blockchain developer environment.

    It contains Ether. Camp – an integrated developer environment and BlockApps, a private, semi-private Ethereum blockchain environment.

    Subsequently, during and after your smart contract development, testing is a crucial part of the process. It ensures that there are no defects in the contract execution.

    Now, as soon as we deploy and store it on the blockchain, nobody can alter or revoke it.

    Looking forward

    Ethereum smart contract development provides various benefits to businesses. It is secure, fast, automated, and irreversible. Additionally, Ethereum is the most preferred blockchain platform for smart contract development due to its capability of enabling almost any computational task.

    It is the reason businesses across diverse industries hire Solidity developers for Ethereum smart contract development in business.

    If you are looking to hire blockchain experts for your smart contract development, Oodles offers comprehensive Ethereum blockchain and smart contract development services.

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