A Quick Guide to NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Development

Published : Jul 02, 2021

NFTs for music industry

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT) development have exploded onto the global stage due to the potential to transform entire industries. Thus, we are here to help you get on board with Smart Contract solutions development for NFT.

    What's the Big Deal about Non-Fungible Tokens?

    NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) contain the power to revolutionize the way we create and share tangible and intangible assets. Essentially, NFT rewards anyone who tokenizes signature assets with access to the prestigious and lucrative DeFi market.

    Scarcity makes them Valuable

    Each NFT has its own set of specs. Thus, it makes it rare and unchangeable. Further, it includes detailed and secure information, as well as digital evidence of origin.

    Indestructible and Easily Transferable

    Particular protocol specifications (Smart Contracts) drive non-fungible tokens, unlike currencies. And thus, it prevents their distribution in different pieces unless we fractionalize them. A user can sell, purchase, and transfer NFTs on markets using secure peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

    Safe and Irreversible

    Non-fungible tokens are not vulnerable to counterfeits due to a decentralized tamper-proof record system based on blockchain technology. Further, Smart Contracts lay the foundation of NFTs. It enables the tracking of each transaction.

    Verifiable and Private

    Purchasers of decentralized NFTs cannot update past ownership data afterward. In addition, the verification procedure does not require third-party authentication because all of the historical details are accessible on the blockchain.

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    Oodles Provides NFT Development Services

    It's difficult to challenge us with any of the technical issues that our clients present to us. We construct multi-purpose non-fungible tokens. We also create entire ecosystems to promote, maintain, and enhance their value.

    Development of NFT

    Whatever type of collectibles you want to develop for digital representation, we've got you covered. So, we can start from scratch or take up from where you left off. Indeed, we can develop your non-fungible tokens as per your needs. Further, we are always available to assist you with their listing and ongoing technical support.

    The growth of the NFT market

    We can assist you in developing a fully functional platform in which you may generate endless revenue from your non-fungible tokens. Undoubtedly, having a stable and secure NFT marketplace provides significant competitive benefits in the digital funding space. Similarly, we can create one that is simple to use for both early adopters and pros.

    Development of an NFT wallet

    We can provide a blockchain-enabled wallet that allows users to access and exchange non-fungible tokens through a secure decentralized network for people who require a secure platform for storing non-fungible tokens. No single operation is vulnerable because each transfer is safe with a hardware-level security mechanism.

    Development of an NFT financing platform

    NFTs aid in the evolution of the loan market's digital and financial structures. Our team can build a fully functional lending infrastructure that will allow NFT holders to borrow and lend money using their tokens as collateral using smart contracts. Then, you'll be able to deal with NFT liquidity issues efficiently due to our rigorous lending protocols.

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    Application areas for NFT across Industries

    Emerge into new markets, capitalize on broad investment opportunities, and make intricate enterprise procedures easier with non-fungible tokens. Similarly, tokenize any asset, take advantage of DeFi developments at scale, and launch a revolution in your business.

    NFTs in the field of digital arts

    Non-fungible tokens, like digital signatures, provide proof of ownership and authenticity of any art production, from fine arts to music and beyond.

    • Streamlined auctioning functionality
    • Provenance and value traceability throughout the lifecycle
    • Support for shared ownership and digital identity
    • Capabilities for increased monetization

    NFTs for gaming

    Game development firms can contact Oodles for NFT engineering to reach a bigger audience and consequently access revenue streams with distinctive high-demanded rewards.

    • Implementation of tradable in-game assets
    • Exclusive gameplay is available.
    • Support for proving ownership
    • Monetization is a characteristic of AR/VR

    Real estate NFTs

    You can create NFTs to represent people's identities and property rights. Or you can help clients tokenize their virtual lands and interiors and sell them on the market. Moreover, tokenization as a service can also integrate into existing business processes.

    • Exclusion of intermediaries
    • Escrow services
    • Enablement of load capacities
    • Fractionalization of real estate assets

    NFTs in Sports

    Physical artifacts and remarkable performances abound in sports, and we can convert both into high-value digital bits. You can use tokens to represent your most entertaining and dramatic moments, as well as items that are in high demand.

    • Tokenization and listing of video clips
    • Tokenization of players or teams
    • Implementation of digital bids

    NFTs in the media and entertainment industries

    You may let copyright owners safely display an asset on the internet, whether it's a roaring journalist success or a VIP show ticket, while also presenting potential purchasers with a detailed history of the item.

    • No brokers needed
    • Secure peer-to-peer payments
    • Privacy and authorship rights protection

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    Emerging Non-Fungible Tokens' Technological Foundations

    The NFT development domain is buzzing with nonstop news about intriguing application potential. Indeed, it helps open up untapped instruments by integrating them with solid, fully-fledged engineering stacks.

    Ethereum Blockchain

    • The ERC-721 protocol allows for the creation of non-exchangeable tokens.
    • ERC-1155 is a protocol that enables the creation of new semi-fungible tokens.
    • Users can swap their unique domain addresses for tokens via the Ethereum Naming system.
    • Our clients choose Ethereum tokens because of their dependability, widespread use, and high liquidity.
    • The Solidity Development Kit is critical for token customization.

    Flow blockchain

    • Flow is suitable for creating non-fungible token contracts since it is both secure and fast.
    • Next-generation apps, games, and global digital ecosystems support NFTs.
    • Cadence programming tools open up digital exposure to an infinite number of alternative asset classes, resulting in yet another non-fungible token engineering environment.
    • Cadence is a securitization platform. It enables digital securitization of various mortgages, loans, and debt commitments.


    • Transaction costs are minimal, ranging from a few cents to a few dollars.
    • Binance is a high-performance platform that can generate a block every 3-5 seconds.
    • Tokens can freely interact with Ethereum DApps thanks to full EVM compatibility.
    • Binance Launchpad gives innovative NFT initiatives a lot of exposure by exposing them to Binance's existing user base.
    • Binance NFTs benefit from the company's cross-chain protocols, which increase liquidity and interoperability.

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