Hiring Smart Contract Developers Made Easy

Published : Jan 24, 2023

Hiring Smart Contracts Developers

  • Before diving right into hiring smart contract developers, if you want to ensure how to hire smart contract developers for your project that can make your project a success, you have landed on the blog post. Smart contract development services are used with blockchain technology to streamline and automate transaction negotiation and execution and develop decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and more. 

    Whatever may be the project, it is the skills and expertise of smart contract developers that can ensure its success, to a certain extent.

    In this article, we analyze and provide comprehensive guidance on the factors to take into account when hiring developers for smart contracts development.

    Hiring Developers for Smart Contract Development

    Smart contracts are becoming more and more well-liked as a result of their adaptability and convenience. 

    Their algorithm—simply a series of if/then statements—seems incredibly simple, but when you stop to think about it, it can be applied to just about any sector, from trading and investment to healthcare, gaming, and real estate.

    Workflow can be automated with these blockchain programs. And if you want to keep up with the times, consumer needs, and technology advancements today, automation is unquestionably something you should pursue.

    You must work with a smart contract developer for all of that to occur. Before choosing the best decision, a business needs to consider several variables, and we at Oodles are here to assist you. We've engaged a good number of developers and researched the market extensively for you.

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    Technologies that a Programmer of Smart Contracts Must Be Skilled In

    There is a significant deal of skill testing done before recruiting a fantastic team of smart contract developers. As we evaluate candidates ourselves at Oodles, we are aware of this. We want to meet your high standards at the same level as your expectations. These are the capabilities that our development business provides:


    It is a programming language created by the Ethereum Network particularly for writing and running smart contracts. This is the most fundamental ability a smart contract developer should possess.

    EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine

    The program is in charge of putting smart contracts based on the Ethereum Network into action. After a new block is added to the chain, it audits the state of the network as well.


    The development of decentralized apps is known as dApp (hence the name). Because the backend code is located on a P2P network that is likewise decentralized, it differs from traditional app development.

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    Consensus Protocols

    This is one of the computer science procedures used in a blockchain to establish trustworthiness in a network with numerous users and nodes.


    Chaincode manages the business operations between participants rather than a human, much like a smart contract. One needs to be an expert in Go, mode.js, and/or Java to create such an application.

    Technical skill evaluation

    You should research the skills a smart contract developer possesses before hiring them. How will you construct your task? Here are some of the key qualities a CEO or director should look for in a smart contract developer.

    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Blockchain core parts
    • Testing tools 
    • Capable in JavaScript and ECMAScript

    In addition to the technical abilities mentioned above, employing smart contract developers with a solid understanding of javascript and the web3 library is essential. They are also properly knowledgeable about hoisting and DOM control. Scopes and functions in JS are among the others. Prototypal inheritance is another.

    The development of smart contracts and their application require a wide range of additional expertise. When selecting developers for smart contract projects, make sure they have experience with NFT, fungible tokens, ICO, API integration, transactional technologies, smart contracts themselves, and many other topics.

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    Hiring Smart Contract Developers from an Outsourcing  Blockchain Development Company

    In the modern world, outsourcing is growing in popularity, particularly in the blockchain sector. Businesses just order the necessary services from outsourcing companies rather than increasing their core employees. It saves costs while enabling them to receive top-notch assistance in problem resolution.

    Employing a smart contract development company as opposed to independent contractors, in-house workers, or freelance developers may have the following advantages:


    The majority of smart contract development companies employ a team of seasoned developers with a diverse set of abilities. If you need specific expertise or have a challenging project that calls on a variety of talents, this can be quite helpful.

    Quality Control

    A development agency could have procedures in place for quality control to guarantee that the work they do is of high quality. It boosts confidence that the project will be completed as per timelines as well.


    Because they have access to a wider pool of resources, an agency might be able to finish a project more quickly than a single freelancer or internal team.


    Depending on the demands of your project, an agency may be able to scale up or down more easily than in-house workers.

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    Access to a Variety of Resources and Tools

    For complex projects, a development agency may have access to a greater variety of tools and resources than a single freelancer or in-house team.

    Additionally, there may be disadvantages to take into account, such as the expense of employing an agency and the potential for having less control over the project than working with in-house workers. 

    The optimal strategy for your business will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and available resources.

    The Process to Hire Smart Contracts Developers

    There are three steps to the hiring process:

    • Decide on the requirements and specifics of your project, the number of employees you'll need, and the budget you'll be working with. With the use of our discovery phase, we can assist you in this.
    • If you like, you can interview the developers. In that case, just let us handle it. Remember that if you opt for a different hiring process, you might either get a programmer who lacks the necessary skills or you'll have to conduct your interviews, test them, and assess their qualifications.
    • Finish the onboarding procedure and get ready to begin the project.

    Then, all you have to do is work with professionals who will provide top-notch services. With Oodles, you can hire smart contract developers in 3 easy steps for a reasonable cost. 

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