Accelerating Business Efficiency with Hyperledger Development

Published : Feb 19, 2021

hyperledger blockchain development

  • Hyperledger isn't a single blockchain, a crypto exchange, or even an IBM blockchain coin. It is essentially a technology hub for hyperledger blockchain development for industrial solutions.

    Hyperledger Blockchain Development

    Hyperledger is an open-source community dedicated to developing a collection of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that are secure, efficient, and stable frameworks, tools, and libraries. It is a joint Linux Foundation initiative that includes leaders in finance, banking, the Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, technology, and more.

    As with the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger also has a modular project hosting approach. The greenhouse at Hyperledger hosts the development of blockchain projects, from Hyperledger Labs (seed) to stable code ready for production (fruition).

    For various distributed ledger frameworks, including Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, Indy, as well as instruments such as Hyperledger Caliper and libraries such as Hyperledger Ursa, it acts as a neutral home.

    It calls on everyone to contribute to the development of the greenhouse, which essentially jointly increases technology industry goals such as a distributed ledger and smart contracts.

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    Why Choose Hyperledger over Other Blockchain Projects 

    To understand the significance of the creation of Hyperledger blockchain applications, let's look at the key issues that a business might have with the adoption of blockchain.

    Privacy and Confidentiality of Data 

    Businesses have confidential data that, while they need to share it with different organizations, can not be made open to the public at large. Companies have numerous arrangements with other member organizations that include the exchange of information, but not generally with others, such as public blockchains.

    Efficient and Fast Transactions

    Enterprises have a high volume of transactions but, due to business considerations, do not afford to commit delays for a transaction.

    Modular Architecture Design

    One size fits all isn't pragmatic when it comes to business-ready strategies. Businesses often have processes that need to be leveraged. The reuse of LDAP, or other identity management functions a company already has, is a typical example of this.

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    Hybrid Approach 

    As a corporation, the supply chain has key processes that can benefit greatly from the introduction of the Distributed Ledger and need to integrate and co-exist with the other processes within the enterprise.

    B2B Oriented

    In large organizations, some of the key technical issues are related to B2B circumstances or to partnering with partners. It is mainly due to the technological differences in the environment between both of these parties that make it difficult and expensive to exchange and incorporate data.

    Legal Limitations

    Enterprises also have rules or regulations about where the data should reside. Some industries in North America are regulated by similar rules, and similar legislation occurs in the European Union. A publicly-mined blockchain is not an option for these purposes.  In each of its use cases, HyperLedger responds to several of these business issues and strives to be a solution.

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    Hyperledger Development Advantages

    With an enterprise-ready perspective, Hyperledger is intended and built.
    It's an open-source platform focused on Linux, sponsored by major industry companies such as IBM, SAP, and funded by leading companies. It contains all of the blockchain's main features and more. With additional features such as a forum for enhanced data security and privacy, Hyperledger offers approved blockchain solutions. Enterprise/consortium will decide where the nodes are going to be and public miners do not need assistance.  Depending on the particular requirements of an organization, the modular design approach allows Hyperledger to plug and play various elements into the stack.
    Rapid integration with other emerging technologies-and seen with integration with IBM Watson, SAP Leonardo, and more.

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    A Hypothetical Case-Study 

    Blockchain Hyperledger Applications for Credentialing

    For Hyperledger blockchain technology, credentialing can become a good use case, which can help simplify and improve each step of the method.
    Off-the-shelf solutions are provided by Hyperledger Indy. One noteworthy specialty: Indy follows the expected W3C requirements for proven statements, reinforcing the sharing of selected credentials pairwise.

    In reality, it works like this. A physician asks their academic institution for evidence of graduation.  On behalf of the doctor, the medical institution places a digital certificate on the blockchain, where it is deemed precise and tamper-proof.  To validate the doctor's credentials, a hospital may hit the blockchain, with no need to speak directly to the medical institution. Only the basic qualifications the hospital requires, and nothing else, can be shown by the doctor.

    Such incorporation of proven statements preserves the privacy of the doctor, decreases time and resources for those involved, and improves the entire procedure. It offers a safer way to treat medical credentialing, yes.

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    Hyperledger Development | Enterprise Use-Cases 


    Healthcare is the fastest-growing cause of using Hyperledger. This industry will streamline the physician credentialing process with Hyperledger, enabling hospitals to verify if their doctors are trustworthy.

    But, the process is lengthy and leaves behind different paper trails. Drug counterfeiting in the medical chain is further troubling. As a consequence, not only do patients suffer, but the credibility of the healthcare sector is also degraded.

    Hyperledger Indy for a Healthcare Solution

    The architecture of Hyperledger Indy can easily handle the credentialing problem for hospital physicians. This provides safer grounds for building a network where medical schools can produce physicians' digital credentials and upload their verification identities.
    Similarly, drug monitoring will accelerate along with Hyperledger's insurance claim process.

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    Informational Technology

    Everybody can get their ID and manage the data in it with blockchain-based self-sovereign identities. It can have profound business implications and provide important innovations in the IT sector.

    The design of Hyperledger Indy fits properly here

    The Indy provides, together with its conventional ways, and more encryption and cryptography, to build portable self-sovereign identities. Users can only carry their ID to any distributed ledger system and use it.

    Supply Chain Management 

    Management of the supply chain is complex, and every single stage of the chain is a barrier. Tracing the progress of the product through its path becomes important from development to the door of the customers. Also, different parts of the supply chain struggle with time-consuming and inefficient transactions.

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    Frameworks of Hyperledger for the supply chain

    Here, in managing supply chains, Sawtooth becomes successful. With every stage of the chain on the ledger, the stakeholders can build a traceability network. They can also use IoT sensors to record critical data such as location, temperature, and other shipping factors. A smart contract is also used by Sawtooth that allows smooth payments at any point.

    Connect with our hyperledger blockchain development experts to explore the feasibility of your business use-case. 

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