Using Hyperledger Frameworks for Blockchain Solutions

Published : May 16, 2018

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  • Hyperledger provides a few DLT frameworks maintained by the Linux Foundation to enable the development of custom blockchain solutions for businesses.

    Advantages of Developing Blockchain Solutions with Hyperledger Frameworks

    On-Demand Data Retrieval

    Hyperledger Fabric's Channels enable developers for data partitioning. This comes in handy when finance services express concerns about their competitors sneaking into their data.

    With Channels on Hyperledger Fabric, they can expose only the necessary data to authorities and store the sensitive information to data partitions separately.

    Permissioned Blockchains

    Not every blockchain network needs to be anonymous and public.  Hyperledger Fabric enables all the participants to have specific identities. Permissioned blockchains refer to the ones that the finance organization requires, given the healthcare and data protection in particular.

    For instance, take into account the case of a mortgage company adopting Blockchain. Mortgaging is something that cannot be publicly exposed. This directs the group of individuals to identify themselves in the network to confirm their authenticity.

    Increased Level of trust

    The way Hyperledger manages transactions get executed is completely varied from others. This is for reducing the layers of trust and the number of processes of verification a transaction would need to have. Further, it enables transactions to happen quickly and better, without having any after-effects.

    Large community support

    The community that is developing Hyperledger Fabric is super live today. Our blockchain developers have been contributing to it. We also aim to become one of the leading contributors to Hyperledger Blockchain Solutions.  With giants like IBM, Toyota, and numerous other corporates adopting Hyperledger Fabric in the enterprising landscape, the community, as well as the support, are likely to grow exponentially.

    Connect with our blockchain experts well-versed in developing blockchain applications using Hyperledger frameworks for a variety of business applications and solutions. We also provide public blockchain development with platforms like Ethereum and Stellar.

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