OpenZeppelin: The latest Touchstone for Secure Blockchain Applications

Published by : Pankaj | Jan-28-2022


  • Blockchain technology allows decentralized protocols, applications, and organizations. That is to bear immense promise. In this current time, among various blockchain protocols, there are many good reasons to learn about OpenZeppelin. It acts as a security platform for Defi and NFT projects. The following discussion helps you explore more about the OpenZeppelin blockchain. It shows how it is relevant for the emerging advancements in crypto.

    For more than a decade people talking about blockchain as a general topic. The technology gaining mainstream acceptance. The function of the prime software platforms, the building is Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

    Decentralized applications (dApps) are hotter than ever. But, despite some great security advantages, they are vulnerable to security breaches. Still, there are no uses for best practices for projects or no adopted security levels. There are no created tools for developers, to test, verify and audit Smart contracts and do so.

    What is OpenZeppelin?

    For the matter of constructing secure dApps, OpenZeppelin is an open-source platform. Although, the framework provides the required tools to create and automate Web3 applications. It is the new generation of distributed applications. Thus, protocols and organizations provide secured, tested, and meant to enable audited code.

    According to the application, the developers build the security features in OpenZeppelin. But, they could not find any available tools for support. They are present for their collaboration in the development. So, they review and audit Smart contracts for development. Thus, Smart contract developers consider OpenZeppelin as a security audit. That can reduce the potential risks associated with different Defi projects.

    The community effort uses OpenZeppelin to reduce the hurdle to developing and using them. So it built up an impressive library that currently powers over 3,000 public projects for appearing Smart contracts.

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    Reason to Interpose OpenZeppelin

    The question that arises what is the reason for introducing OpenZeppelin? People who follow the crypto and Defi world have come with the news of some famous cyber-attacks on Defi protocols. For example, the company YAM Finance ends up costing bug a whole new version of their application. Without focusing on security Defi landscape can drive developers to ship Defi solutions. These are the promising potential associated with them. To increase the vulnerability of user funds, the consequences of such actions could make them happen.

    Altogether, the new attack vectors in Defi are another crucial reason. That is for understanding more about the OpenZeppelin wizard. Rather than going for direct economic attacks, the hackers focus on manipulating arbitrage opportunities. Thus in their trade favor, hackers manipulate the prices. But, the prospect for the OpenZeppelin blockchain is the identification of new risks. They are vulnerabilities in Defi protocols that continue to foster.

    What is an OpenZeppelin Contract?

    The conducting of transactions between anonymous parties using Smart contracts is trustable. They are also immutable, distributed, trackable, and unchangeable. Thus, to review various aspects of software development and operations in Ethereum-based projects. The security products support development and management. It means that the companies do not need a tool for smart contracts and developing security features.

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    Pillars of OpenZeppelin Blockchain Connection

    OpenZeppelin blockchain connections include Contracts, Upgrades, and Defender as three strong pillars. Let us try an original blockchain security platform to discover the purpose of these elements in work.


    It is a library for developing Smart contracts with high security. They also ease the required instruments. The backing of a solid foundation for Smart contract development through community-reviewed code. It is the most important highlight of the “Contracts” library. These are the offering functionalities of the OpenZeppelin library for Smart contract developers.

    Implementation of ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards

    Role-based permissions scheme with higher flexibility

    For developing complicated decentralized systems reusable, Solidity Components and custom contracts

    The more functionalities include access control, utilities, and tokens offered by OpenZeppelin Contracts. So thereby also showcasing the comprehensiveness of the OpenZeppelin library. Further, you can use the library for OpenZeppelin ERC20 standard collectibles or tradable assets.


    Upgrades are another compelling addition to the OpenZeppelin library that increases its functionality. It is a comprehensive collection of tools that manages upgradeable contracts. That is on Ethereum and contracts for deploying. At the same time, the upgrade process assures the security of smart contracts. The group of tools and contracts in the “Upgrades” component of OpenZeppelin comprise the following,

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    Upgradeable Plugins

    The value of security checks with high automation Upgradeable plugins are suitable instruments. That is for deploying upgradeable contracts alongside. For the integration of upgrades in the existing workflow, they are helpful in the OpenZeppelin blockchain.

    Upgradeable Contracts

    It supports contract development by leveraging the Solidity component. Thus, it acts as an essential component in the OpenZeppelin wizard. They are reasonable to assume that it is another version of the popular OpenZeppelin library for “Contracts.” You need to use the upgradeable contracts available as a specific package for the upgradeable plugins.


    With this, the real identity of OpenZeppelin in the blockchain landscape becomes clear. Defender offers in-built best practices with a security function platform. That serves as the crucial highlight of OpenZeppelin.

    But, Developer teams could use Defender for shipping their products faster. They also use defenders for decreasing the security risks and helping in the automation of Ethereum functions. It brings high-quality products within lesser time. Here is an overview of the clear components that you can find in OpenZeppelin Defender.


    It is a service that can support the efficient management of Smart Contracts projects by offering an interface. They secure multi-sig contracts for offers the interface and leverage timelocks.


    The Defender Relay approves users to send transactions through a general HTTP API in the OpenZeppelin wizard. Furthermore, transaction signing, resubmissions, and private pitch secure storage cover the needs. It also helps the services of gas price analysis and nonce management.


    OpenZeppelin Defender would mark its Sentinel favor as another prime highlight. It serves the basic function of monitoring Smart contracts and sending notifications. The Contract Sentinels through defining specific conditions for functioning events and transaction parameters. It helps in monitoring transactions with contracts.

    Auto tasks

    For creating and managing OpenZeppelin ERC20 tokens, the Defender Autotasks are the crucial side. It helps in integration to Sentinels and Relay services of Defender. It automates constant actions with support. For those who need to run cyclic action on their smart contracts. The auto tasks are the right choice for developers.


    In the OpenZeppelin library, the final and most rich part would refer to the Defender Advisor service. The knowledge base of security best practices in Defender Advisor has made the OpenZeppelin team.

    OpenZeppelin Example Use Cases

    In Ethereum projects, you can use vetted contracts once you have installed OpenZeppelin. They are not limited to the following items, and OpenZeppelin example use cases include:

    Access Restriction

    Controlling access is one of the prime use cases of OpenZeppelin. That allows you to determine functionalities in a system. They are contract access to particular resources.


    To define the ownership within the contracts, then another OpenZeppelin contract is “Ownable”. In other words, to get certain powers, it deploys this contract that would help specific entities.


    The good OpenZeppelin contract that helps make precise and accurate calculations is “SafeMath”. So when coding in solidity, this library is essential to prevent operation overflow.


    You can send the income from your dApp purchases to different parties. By using the OpenZeppelin “paymentSplitter” contract used for that.

    Gas Station Network

    This contract helps you pay on behalf of your users and develop dApps. In this method, you will instead pay for the users who do not need to hold ETH in their wallets.

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    As more normal adopters know the potential that Defi brings to the table. With all the volatility and financial pinch all over the world, users will be willing to change to Defi only. Although, it’s stronger and sounder than the centralized options.

    With the help, the platforms like OpenZeppelin Defender will go a long way to set up the Defi space. Thus, it can boom and provide a better choice for traditional global finance. For more information connect with our blockchain app development experts.

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