Understanding Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development

Published : Jan 22, 2023

Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform

  • The world has witnessed various development in the blockchain world, from DeFi to the metaverse. Every new technology in this digital world has given different advantages to businesses as well as users. One such new concept is sleep-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) platforms.

    The concept is similar to other NFT development solutions like play-to-earn and move-to-earn games. With this platform, users can earn NFTs while sleeping. The main focus of a sleep-to-earn NFT platform is to promote a healthy lifestyle among users.

    Explore how this newly emerging concept works and how it can benefit a business with this article.

    What is a Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform

    A sleep-to-earn NFT platform is a platform that rewards users with NFTs for every night of proper sleep. Users can sell their rewards (NFTs) in the marketplace for cryptocurrencies. 

    These platforms also have their native tokens to enable smooth digital transactions. Users can purchase these tokens to participate in sleep-to-earn platforms.

    Such platforms encourage people to go for a proper sleeping schedule to improve their overall health. They use advanced sleep technology to determine the sleeping routine of users. 

    The Working of a Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform

    Sleep-to-earn NFT platforms work similarly to popular crypto exchanges. Firstly, users need to sign up to access the sleep-to-earn NFT ecosystem. Also, they have to connect their crypto wallet with the platform.

    This platform offers a variety of bed options along with their specific duration of sleeping hours. People have to purchase a bed that represents their sleeping hours for participation. Users have to use the native token of the platform to buy beds or add features to their beds.

    They also have to use sleeping accessories so the platform can determine their sleeping patterns. Once the participants complete their sleep, the platform will give them NFTs.

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    Why Develop a Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform

    Developing a sleep-to-earn NFT platform gives various business advantages. They can generate revenue by adding features to their platforms.

    Below is an explainer of how businesses can make profits with the platform:

    Sleep Tokens

    Every sleep-to-earn NFT platform has its native token for transactions. Users have to purchase these tokens to buy beds and other devices to check the sleep duration.

    Sleeping Accessories

    Firms have to provide some sleeping accessories to their users. These accessories track every detail of users' movements during their sleeping hours. Thus, people have to use these accessories to earn NFTs.

    Sleeping accessories are the backbone of any sleep-to-earn NFT platform since they prevent users from deceiving the platform. 

    Assistance Charges

    People participating in a sleep-to-earn NFT platform can improve their sleep cycle with the help of a sleeping assistant. Businesses can provide assistants that monitor users' sleep and help them get maximum sleep. Platforms can charge fees for availing of such assistants.

    Commission on NFT Reselling

    People who earn NFTs by sleeping can either keep them or sell them using different methods like auctions. Also, they can sell their collected NFTs as a whole or in parts to buyers. Businesses will get a commission in all these selling methods.

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    Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development 

    You can develop a sleep-to-earn NFT platform from scratch. From planning and designing to developing and deploying, you have to take care of all the steps. 

    However, you can skip this process by opting for white-label solutions. You can easily customize the platform according to your requirements.


    Sleep-to-earn NFT platforms can offer numerous possibilities and can have a promising future with several growth opportunities. Additionally, blockchain technology increases the security of these platforms. So, businesses can enter this market by launching their platforms.

    If you are someone new to this field, then take assistance from a blockchain service provider like Oodles Blockchain. Our NFT developers have years of experience in developing such platforms. Contact us to avail of our services.

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