Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software | A Boon for Crypto Investors

Published : Feb 13, 2019

Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

  • Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

    A ready-made solution for instant launching of your Crypto Exchange Platform Software

    Looking to start your cryptocurrency trading exchange platform? Then, ready-made solution or turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a choice which you can use for enabling trading of digital currencies.

    With a new turnkey trаding platform, you'll get a powerful matching engine. It will enable you to list unlimited trаdable assеts including digital аssеts, fiat currencies, fоrех, and еquitiеs, etc.

    Also, you can customize the user interface, matching engine and all other parts of our turnkey solution.

    Such cryptocurrency exchange solutions are made available by only a few of the best blockchain technology companies.

    The idea of 'Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software' is developing with the rise of new blockchain development projects. Projects that endeavor to build their very own cryptocurrency exchange platform to trade crypto assets in the global market in less time and reduced cost.

    Benefits of Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

    • High probability ROI 
    • Quick and secure deployment
    • A reasonable choice when there’s limited technical expertise to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform.
    • In the long run, the work cost decreases to a great extent.
    • Helps shift the aim from technical to business oriented.
    • Rather than being built from scratch, ready-made codes are used for rapid prototyping.
    • Costs less than a few coffee cups at 'Starbucks,' probably.

    Take a gander at all these advantages. Who wouldn't want to have such an excellent ' Ready-made Cryptocurrency Exchange Software' after getting all these benefits in such a competitive market?

    Here’s a brief description of a Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software that’s developed at Oodles by our skilled crypto and blockchain developers.

    Oodles Scaffold,  a Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

    We, at Oodles Blockchain, an India-based Blockchain Technology Company, offer ready-made Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution that's coupled with features like

    • SegWit
    • Multi-currency
    • Multi-signature trading platform
    • Exchange platform for trading cryptocurrency and digital assets.

    The solution provides an increased level of security including DB encryption and 3-point architecture. Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solution developed by us would accept prominent fiat currencies such as Euro and USD. 

    Also, it deals in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, etc.

    And, has a dynamic order book that makes it very easy to add and remove any particular cryptocurrency as per your need.

    Oodles Scaffold not only offers crypto-liquidity by integrating with other cryptocurrency exchanges but also provides with a few advanced features like FireBase and BIP-32.

    What's Oodles Scaffold?

    Oodles Scaffold is the end of your search to develop an enterprise-grade in no time and less cost (told you, it may cost less than a coffee cup).  With it, there’s no need to develop your project from scratch. It can be tweaked to match your requirements in very less time.

    Oodles Scaffold’s Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform comes equipped with:

    • Admin Console
    • Block Confirmation Tracking
    • ERC20 compatibility
    • UI/UX Branding 
    • Enhanced KYC Verification

    Why Oodles Scaffold?

    Quick Development, and Reduced Time and Cost

    It will guarantee the quick-paced development of your blockchain projects within limited time-frame. Oodles Scaffold will give you a chance to save a fortune that you may be spending if you choose to build your project from scratch. 

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