Shifting Towards Web3 Crypto Wallet Development

Published : Mar 21, 2023

Web3 Crypto Wallet Development

  • Web3 will offer high data security, privacy, and autonomy for users. This new internet iteration will eliminate unfair censorship and automate a creator economy. However, access to this ecosystem will require some setup. And a web3 crypto wallet is one of those things that will provide accessibility to this ecosystem. It will help users to secure and manage their digital assets. These aspects of a web3 crypto wallet are attracting more and more people. So, the demand for cryptocurrency wallet development will grow significantly in the future. 

    This article entails an overview of the web3 crypto wallet - advantages, types, and more. 

    Understanding Web3 Crypto Wallet 

    Web3 crypto wallet enables cryptocurrency transactions and simultaneously supports other digital assets like NFTs, GameFi rewards, or virtual land. It gives the users access to the web3 world.

    Compared to traditional crypto wallets, web3 crypto wallets are more versatile as they interact with decentralized applications and other blockchain-based solutions. Web3 crypto wallets, for instance, can house NFT collections. Whereas traditional crypto wallets are usually limited to crypto assets transactions. 

    This wallet keeps users' private keys that prove digital asset ownership. Additionally, it stores public keys that verify digital signatures. 

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    The Types of a Web3 Crypto Wallet

    Based on internet connectivity, web3 crypto wallets are mainly categorized into two types: hot wallets and cold wallets. 

    Hot Wallet 

    A hot wallet enables connectivity to the internet. It is convenient to use and offers fast transactions. However, these wallets are prone to hacking due to their link to the digital world. 

    Hot wallets have the following categories:

    • Web-based Wallets: Users can utilize web-based wallets as extensions for their internet browsers. 
    • Mobile Wallets: Users can store and manage their assets on their mobiles with mobile wallets.

    Cold Wallet 

    A cold wallet stores private keys offline, usually in a physical device or a paper wallet. Since the wallet has no connection with the digital world, it protects digital assets from hackers.

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    Advantages of Using Web3 Crypto Wallets

    The following are the advantages of using web3 crypto wallets: 


    Users have to create a separate account to browse every website. Therefore using traditional internet browsers can give a threat to user privacy. However, they do not have to go through the same process when it comes to web3. 

    Web3 crypto wallets provide a string of numbers and letters that act as addresses of users. Users can use those addresses while browsing web3 and maintain their anonymity.


    A web3 crypto wallet has a user-friendly interface that gives easy access to tools and features for setting up a wallet. People can conveniently navigate in the wallet for crypto trading. 

    This advantage gives a concise user digital asset portfolio. The entire setting up process of a crypto wallet is short and easy, even for non-technical users. 

    Security and Safety

    Web3 crypto wallets provide high security. Not even wallet developers can access the wallet without private keys. So, people must not reveal their private keys to anyone. 

    Connectivity with Web3

    Web3 crypto wallets not only enable cryptocurrency trading but also provide accessibility to web3 for different services and products. Web3 crypto wallets provide access to decentralized applications (dApps) and other various blockchains. Users can proceed with transactions in dApps as they can authenticate themselves with their wallets. 

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    Using AI in Web3 Crypto Wallet 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has a major role in developing various technical solutions in today's world. Experts use it in recommendation systems, search engines, image recognition, and more. 

    Now, people can also use AI in web3 wallet development. Here is how:

    Creating New NFTs in a Wallet

    AI can enable the development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to web3 crypto wallets. Even AI can develop beautiful pictures and professional artists. It will not only enable asset buying but also create them. 

    Using Chatbots and Digital Assistants

    With more advancements in chatbots and digital assistants, they will be able to perform complex tasks. These tasks may include buying crypto, managing personal finances, and more. 

    Wallet Application Code Development

    Developers can use AI to write web3 crypto wallet application code. They can also use it to test and optimize the code. The technology is still developing to write a program code from scratch. 

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    Web3 Crypto Wallet Development

    Web3 world is witnessing continuous development. Businesses are stepping into it for growth opportunities. Web3 crypto wallet has a promising future since it will play a crucial part in the web3 ecosystem.

    If you want to step into web3 crypto wallet development, then Oodles can be the right service partner. Our crypto experts can fulfill your requirements. Contact us today to avail yourself of our services. 

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