Why Develop a Blockchain-based Freelance Platform

Published : Feb 03, 2023

Blockchain-based Freelance Platform Development

  • The leading freelance platforms of today have major challenges for both clients and freelancers. However, blockchain development services are enabling a new generation of freelance platform development that can address existing challenges and facilitate new solutions as well, such as cryptocurrency payments.

    Why Develop a Blockchain-based Freelance Platform?

    With existing freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, centralization and exorbitant intermediary charges are critical challenges. 

    On the other hand, dApps (decentralized applications) offer a better-incentivized structure. They are more adaptable, transparent, distributed, and resilient. Additionally, they provide fair access to financial services.

    Every member of the DeFi system receives a share of democratic and financial autonomy. They are always aware of how the system operates and that nothing can obstruct it.

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    How would a Freelance Network powered by Blockchain Operate?

    Right now, there aren't many real blockchain platforms for freelancing. There is Steemit, a blockchain-based platform for publishing content.

    There are also a few recent entrants, Blocklancer and Ethlance (below), that offer a service similar to Upwork using blockchain.

    As of yet, these platforms haven't taken off. However, the concept is that when someone posts a work, freelancers reply, and when a client hires a freelancer, the platform produces a smart contract.

    Because intermediaries like Upwork provide a certain level of protection, they are successful in the freelance market. Instead, blockchain smart contracts can maintain accountability without any associated costs.

    For instance, clients can pay upfront for a service, and freelancers might submit their work. When the freelancer completes the deliverables, a smart contract will disburse funds automatically as per the terms of the contract.

    There is no chance of working for a client with a bad reputation and not getting compensated. Instead, once that initial investment has been recorded, you can begin work.

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    Benefits of Blockchain-powered Freelance Platform Development

    Safe, Unchangeable Record of Transactions

    The immutability of Blockchain is a key characteristic. It provides for the safe storage of transactions and contract data.

    The agreements made between independent contractors and their clients may be entered permanently and will therefore become difficult to alter or compromise.


    In the freelancing market, the workflow is well-known and unrestricted; nevertheless, when it comes to payments, it requires a sender to pay a hefty transfer charge.

    As a matter of fact, it requires an additional charge for money transfers from the US or to Africa.

    Since there is no third-party oversight in this situation, blockchain can act as a savior and allow for cheaper or even no transfer fee payment solutions.

    Proof of Work

    The main worry in the realm of freelancing and working online is credibility.

    Freelancers can now keep their portfolio and profile information on Blockchain, which they can transform into copyrights.

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    What Freelancing Challenges does Blockchain based Freelance Platform Development Solve?

    Taking The Middleman Out

    Using platforms for independent contractors might help you find remote jobs and hire talent. But ultimately, many freelancers find it unreasonable to pay platform fees of 10% to 20% to Upwork, Fiverr, etc., for acting as a middleman.

    Blockchain-based freelance platforms, on the other hand, typically work to dramatically cut down or even do away with all platform costs.

    As a result, a larger portion of the value transfer might benefit both freelancers and clients.

    No Currency Conversion Required

    Working with overseas businesses might be difficult due to the issue of currency exchange, even if freelance work isn't done via freelance platforms.

    By using cryptocurrencies, a sender simply has to pay a minimal transaction fee to transfer money on a certain blockchain.

    Typically, only a few cents are needed, far less than what fiat payment processors ask for.

    Faster Payments/Transactions

    Modern technology makes it possible for two people to communicate instantly, but exchanging money doesn't work that way.

    Blockchains are currently able to allow transactions to be confirmed and transmitted from client to freelancer within seconds or minutes.

    This is in contrast to fiat-based freelance platforms that may take a week or more to complete the value transfer process (along with significant costs).

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    Smart Contracts and Tokens for Incentivization

    The capability of using a blockchain application to tokenize anything is arguably the most intriguing advancement.

    On the present platforms, trust is one of the main issues for both employers and freelancers. The system as a whole suffers when certain freelancers and employers don't treat others properly.

    Smart contract solutions and cryptocurrency tokens can be cleverly used to reward ethical and professional behavior at all times.

    On its freelance platform, Ethearnal tokenizes reputation and gives it a true market value; a hit to your reputation also hits your bank account.

    Popular Freelance Blockchain Platforms

    The following three blockchain initiatives are poised to transform the freelance job market:


    A distributed autonomous job market is what the blockchain-based platform Blocklancer has built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

    Blocklancer adamantly asserts that its platform will address "all issues with the existing freelancing platforms."

    It ensures justice by promising that all payments would be resolved through an automated dispute system. It also touts affordable prices and complete uncensorship.


    A decentralized bounty-hunting network called Bounty0x uses a token-based review mechanism that is based on staking and burning.

    Bounty0x provides solutions for internet marketing, consultancy, software development, and research by utilizing blockchain technology.


    The idea behind Ethlance is comparable to that of Freelancer.com or Upwork.com but without the associated costs. Its zero-fee marketplace is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, and IPFS, a decentralized web protocol, distributes its front-end files.

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    The freelance market is enormous and rife with inefficiencies.

    Users deal with excessive costs, sluggish payments, poor job quality, dishonest bosses, and a centralized control system with unlimited authority that can instantly end whole careers.

    Thanks to blockchain, decentralized freelance solutions are now feasible. To win over businesses and freelancers to their method of operating, some innovative projects are now being developed that aim to improve the marketplace for everyone.

    If you have a similar project in mind as mentioned above, connect with our skilled blockchain development experts for more information.

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