Why Prefer Tron Platform for Token Development

Published : Oct 11, 2022

Tron Token Development

  • TRON should be the preferred choice for those wishing their token development on a cutting-edge public blockchain platform. Now, it is providing Ethereum, EOS, and other blockchain alternatives considerable competition. Due to this, in the last year or two, demand for skilled TRON Development has skyrocketed. TRON is a public blockchain network offering a better alternative to blockchains like Ethereum for token development. It is a less expensive and more effective option. Since it is a distinct blockchain network, it has its protocols, resources, and features. It enables businesses and programmers for highly-efficient decentralized apps (DApps) and token development on the TRON network. Indeed, one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency industry right now is TRON-based blockchain app development

    However, some elements are severely restricting developers' ability to understand the potential of this cutting-edge blockchain system. These elements include the lack of knowledge and tools for developers to learn how to build on the TRON blockchain. But if you work with a blockchain development company like Oodles, you can boost the development of your next-generation TRON. 

    Understanding TRC-10

    The TRON team made the TRC-10 token first available on the TRON mainnet in 2018. Due to the low cost and ease of creation, people use TRC-10 tokens as a payment method in decentralized applications (dApps). TRC-10 tokens also aid in the development of blockchain-based assets. They don't require support from the TRON Virtual Machine. The team may create them using an API or smart contract. Thus, developers don't need to be familiar with programming languages to make a TRC-10 token.

    By spending 1,024 TRX, any account on the TRON network can produce a TRC-10 token. Except for the bandwidth used to transfer them, they are usually free to use after that.

    Before producing a TRC-10 token, users must provide specific details such as the token's name, market value, conversion rate to TRX, period of circulation, number of bandwidth points used, and stake.

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    Understanding TRC-20

    TRON blockchain enables the TRC-20 standard usage to incorporate native TRON coins into smart contracts. The TRON Virtual Machine, which serves as the platform for TRON smart contracts, enables the creation of TRC-20 tokens. The ERC-20 standard for generating fungible tokens on the Ethereum network is compatible with TRC-20.

    TRC-20 coins are fungible, much as TRC-10 tokens, which means users may trade them for other assets of the same kind. Developers may incorporate more logic into their smart contracts. So, one can view TRC-20 as a better or enhanced version of TRC-10 in some ways. However, issuers need to be mindful of the expenses. According to the whitepaper for TRON, the transaction costs for TRC-10 tokens are 1,000 times cheaper than those for TRC-20.

    Understanding TRC-721

    The TRC-721 set of guidelines governs the issuance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the TRON network.

    A non-fungible token is cryptographically distinct. In contrast to fungible tokens, they have a unique identifier, and you cannot exchange them for an identical item.

    You can tokenize any real-world item, such as works of art, music, clothing, or real estate, with TRC-721. Developers can also use it to make NFTs that depict digital assets like sports highlights, GIFs, or in-game avatars. Each TRC-721 coin has a blockchain address that identifies its owner and serves as proof of ownership.

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    Features & Benefits of Token Development on TRON

    TRON Blockchain for Token Development

    The TRON blockchain can help to develop various blockchain applications, including wallets, DApps, tokens, and more.

    Tokens based on TRON are state-of-the-art. The team uses the most recent blockchain technology (TRC20/TRC10) to construct them. They are middleman-free and safe. Also, they handle transactions quickly. TRON wallets are simple to create and fit into any existing system. 

    The UI of TRON tokens/wallets is customizable, so they make the update of the software simpler. They support Android, iOS, Windows, and other well-known platforms. Some additional features of TRON Blockchain Development are a P2P decentralized network, token swaps, data, global access, multi-token support, public ledger storage, cost-effectiveness, and high-end security. 

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    Building a Token on the TRON Blockchain has various Advantages, including

    • On the peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain, payments are safe and quick.
    • Users and holders of TRON tokens have unrestricted access to data.
    • In the event of a disagreement, all transactions are visible, immutable, and simple to monitor.
    • Since there are chances of zero human error, it results in better accuracy. 
    • The network is capable of 2000 transactions per second or perhaps more.
    • Your TRON token can manage a rising workload thanks to its excellent scalability.
    • TRON network has a relatively low gas charge compared to ETH and other blockchain networks resulting in a lower transaction cost.

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    What's Next 

    Business organizations may now easily modify this token technology. One of the service providers that enables you to use these tokens for your company's operations is Oodles. Our skilled blockchain developers make it simple for you. Our mission is to use technology to empower your business idea. Get in touch with us to build these tokens for your business.

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