Why Prefer Tron Platform for Token Development

Published by : Pankaj | Jun-27-2022

Tron Token Development

  • Tron tokens offer a unique infrastructure and functionality similar to the Ethereum blockchain. It allows decentralized integration of different services through industry-scale Smart contract development.

    Tron Token is a token built under the Tron blockchain network and is commonly known as TRX. The development of Tron decentralized blockchain is to support high throughput and Smart contracts. It allows user to build their dApps (decentralized applications). 

    The Tron has functionality similar to blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, and more and was mainly launched for a decentralized ecosystem. It works on a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that allows undeniable guidelines as a primary blockchain.  If you plan to develop your own Tron token with cutting-edge technology we are here to assist you. We enlarge our innovative token development services on diverse blockchains like EOS, Ethereum, Tezos, TRON, Matic, and Binance Smart Chain. It is to get you enough options to build your premium token authority.

    Tron dApp Development services

    There are different forms of Tron Tokens we develop. Let us take a look at each of them.

    TRC10 Tron Development

    The availability of the TRC10 token, since the release of Tron minnet with the Main Net itself. It acts as a native token for the Tron platform and maintains the value of its security features. The Tron-based token you see are mostly TRC10 tokens. It is because they are easy to create on their blockchain even if you have no coding knowledge such as C, C++, Java, etc.

    On the Tron blockchain, without the support of the Tron virtual machine (TVM), TRC10 is a technical token standard. It allows seamless token creation, fast transaction speed, and low transaction costs.

    TRC20 Tron Development

    The TRC20 token is a protocol for smart contracts and uses to create tokens on the Tron blockchain. The consideration of the token TRC20 to be native analogs to ERC-20 and said to be similar to the ERC20. Also, the TRC20 token develops with a customizable interface, API accessibility, enhanced security protection, attractive GUI, and controllable contracts.

    Moreover, the TRC20 token has the power to implement advanced logic, which is missing in the standard token TRC10. The TRC20 is a part of the TrustNode minable Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) public distributed ledger.

    TRC721 Tron Development

    TRC721 is the first standard Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Tron network. It also increases the standard of ERC721, like scalability, transparency, and security. Moreover, each TRC721 has a unique ID and unique value and will be capable to represents any form of tangible or digital assets.

    How do the Tron Token works?

    The demand for Tron Token Development is high because the Tron blockchain is much similar to Ethereum blockchain. Also, the features like high transaction speed and low transaction cost make it popular. Moreover, Tron Token will benefit your platform because they are entirely compatible with Ethereum token and Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

    Our Tron Token Development services offer the facility to develop TRC20 or TRC721 and will work seamlessly with their Ethereum counterparts.

    Why choose dApp Token Development?

    There are various reasons to choose Tron Token Development, and some of the reasons are listed below.

    Fast Transaction

    Tron Token allows you to leverage fast transaction speed. The development of the Tron blockchain was on top of the Ethereum source code, with added changes to make the platform faster and cost-efficient.

    Moreover, by building tokens with the help of Tron Token Development, you can get transaction speed up to 2000 TPS. Also, it removes network congestion and high transaction costs.

    Cross-chain Compatibility

    With Ethereum token standards and Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), Tron Token Development allows you seamless token deployment.

    Low Transaction Costs

    Tron Token Development allows a negligible amount in transaction fees with each transaction for their users.

    Supported by ETH Wallets

    The additional benefit to Tron Token Development is that it allows you to hold your tokens in any crypto wallet that backs Ethereum tokens.

    Features of Tron Token Development

    Tron Token Development facilitates the following features that provide added benefits to users.

    Fast Deployment

    With our Tron Token Development, you can issue tokens and deploy smart contracts in minutes.


    Tron Token Development with cross-chain compatibility allows users to rake in more users to your platform.

    Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

    With Tron Development, you can create NFTs and deploy them quickly without spending a fortune on deployment and transaction fees.

    Solidity Smart contracts

    The token development allows you to code Smart contracts solidity that is Ethereum compatible.

    Also, read: A Quick Guide to NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Development

    Advantages of Token development on the Tron platform

    Here are some of the benefits of Token development on the Tron platforms:

    Swift and secure transaction processing.

    Offers top-line safety and security with proof-of-work (PoW) consensus

    Guided by an immutable Smart contract removes any conflict between the parties.

    Highly transparent functioning because of work based on blockchain technology.

    A p2p decentralized network that removes intermediaries

    Data tracking can easily be through a public ledger

    High scalability

    Flexible to customizations.


    Higher throughput.


    These characteristics show that this is the right to invest in developing the Tron application for your business. You’ll need a better Tron Development company if you want the development process to be error-free and frictionless.

    We Oodles blockchain are the right partners for you if you are looking token development company. Our expert team will guide you enter with your very own Tron Token.

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