A Guide to Defi Token Development Like Safemoon

Published : Sep 12, 2022

Building a Defi Token Development Like Safemoon

  • The community-run SafeMoon protocol uses the Safemoon DeFi token to do business. Reflection, LP Acquisition, and burning are the three key features that make Safemoon unique. For its functioning, Safe Moon relies on both the BNB and the Binance Smart Chain. Read on to find out how to develop a token like SafeMoon with blockchain app development.

    What Makes a Token like SafeMoon Special

    It is a distinctive quality that distinguishes safemoon. By setting a stable price floor, the smart contract collects tokens from buyers and sellers and adds them to the LP. The fine serves as an arbitrage-resistant method to maintain the token volume as a benefit for holders. By increasing the tax's impact on the token's overall liquidity, the extra LP tokens stabilize the supply of LP tokens.

    Manual Token Burn

    The community will lose control of the tokens if they are continuously burned by an automated process. The community is kept motivated and informed when burns are managed by the team and promoted depending on success. The user will be informed of the token specifics, burned amount, and other information. The community is helped by this manual burning to maintain the coins' stable value.

    Stable Benefits

    The reward sum is determined by the volume of the exchanged token. The price reductions on the token brought on by early adopters selling their tokens after farming are lessened by this technique. Holders are encouraged to keep onto their tokens through the reflecting mechanism to receive bigger kickbacks. The amount of staked tokens affects the reward percentage.

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    Governed by Community Token

    All users without holdings have mutually distributed the Token. The community that owns the token will decide how the token is distributed, staked, and how much it fluctuates in price. The token's community controls all of its operations. The value of the tokens is also strengthened by the community.

    Advantages of Developing a Token like SafeMoon

    DeFi coins' smart contracts can be programmed to execute a variety of functions depending on the platforms on which they are used. With the help of these smart contracts, the token may carry out a variety of tasks, and participating in loyalty programs with these tokens delivers better incentives.


    The distributed ledger technology provides total asset and transaction security. The network secures each transaction and maintains transaction anonymity. This inherent quality draws sovereign investors to use DeFi tokens to make their digital investments in a safe setting.

    Cross-Border Transactions

    Millions of people have found that the token's borderless, anonymous store of value is necessary in the real world. These tokens are widely acknowledged worldwide and help with cross-border business transactions everywhere. This contributes to constant financial security wherever you are.

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    Low Transaction Fees

    These Tokens come up with a sneaky way to cut down on transaction costs. This is dependent on the blockchain network of the platform. As a result, the fees are considerably less than for cryptocurrency.


    Transactions are transparent in the blockchain network. Each transaction will be known to the members of the community. These transactions cannot be altered and can be used as proof of verification if necessary.


    These tokens offer complete ownership of every digital asset and will be executed with a multi-factor authentication process. The transaction approval must be signed by the wallet owners to process any transactions.

    Faster Performance

    These Tokens make various financial processes faster. Escrow is streamlined by smart contracts using tokens. These tokens act as a profitable investment opportunity and consequently maintain the banks and financial institutions away from the system.

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    Best Way to Develop your DeFi Tokens like SafeMoon

    By creating a Safemoon protocol clone, one can obtain the DeFi Token that resembles Safemoon. There are two simple ways to easily obtain the Safemoon protocol clone.

    • Starting from scratch with SafeMoon-like token development
    • Choosing a SafeMoon clone to create a SafeMoon-like token

    Token Development from Scratch

    Crypto entrepreneurs are eagerly looking for SafeMoon-like Token Development after browsing the cryptocurrency market and conducting an in-depth examination of the market statistics. The design and development of the SafeMoon-like Token, which delivers the precise features and functions of the SafeMoon - Token protocol in trends, is properly serving the SafeMoon-like Token Development. SafeMoon like Token Development is the ideal measure to promote effective asset management along with efficient fundraising activities.

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    SafeMoon Clone

    The top token development company creates SafeMoon Clone, a token that functions just like SafeMoon. The SafeMoon Clone combines SafeMoon-like Automated Liquidity Generating Tokens with RFI Tokenomics. Additionally, a readymade SafeMoon Token Clone enables the introduction of a strong and scalable token like SafeMoon with tamper-proof security implementations and a Minting and Burning mechanism based on user requirements.

    In conclusion, the creation of the DeFi token is a game-changer for the next generation of business owners curious about the advantages of blockchain technology. Investments in DeFi, such as the SafeMoon token, have a high long-term value and profit-making potential for investors.


    Oodles can be of assistance if you intend to create a DeFi token similar to SafeMoon. We provide comprehensive solutions - from token conceptualization and development to launch and marketing - as a seasoned blockchain development business to assist you in effectively launching your token.

    To discuss your needs for developing a DeFi token like Safemoon, schedule a free demo with one of our token development experts.

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