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What is required to develop DAPPs?

For a DApp to be successful in the mainstream audience, what are its requirements?

Substructure for Million of Users

The app should be scalable enough to handle millions of users, especially for DApps which need mainstream acceptance to be successful.

No-cost Usage

That platform used for developing DApps should enable the devs to create apps that are free to use for users. A DApp must not ask its users to pay for using the platform.


The platform used to developing the DApps must provide developers with the freedom to enhance the DApp as and when they want.

Also, if some bug is found, the Devs should be able to remove it from the app without affecting the platform.

Low Latency

A DApp should be flawless. It should run as smoothly as possible along with the lowest possible latency.

Parallel Performance

A platform on which the DApps are getting developed should allow them to be processes parallelly for distributing the workload and reduce time.

Sequential Performance

Not all actions are required to be conducted parallelly on a blockchain, for instance, transaction execution itself. They need to be done individually to prevent issues like double spending.

So, what is the best blockchain platform to develop DApps?

  • BitShares
  • Graphene

Both have good throughput but not suitable for executing smart contracts.

  • Ethereum

Unquestionably, Ethereum has become synonymous to Blockchain and smart contracts but has flaws. Its low transaction speed is a matter of concern. Also, the gas price is an issue.

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So, what are the option left?

EOS Blockchain

EOS is known as the “best of both worlds.”

EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol. It’s powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. It mainly operates as a smart contract platform and decentralized operating system.

EOS is intended for the deployment of large, industrial-scale DApps (decentralized applications) by utilizing a decentralized autonomous corporation model.

What Does EOS Blockchain Bring To The Table?


One of the most concerning issues with the blockchain space is the scalability.

Visa can manage 1667 transactions per second, and Paypal manages193 transactions per second. In comparison to these two, Bitcoin blockchain manages to execute 3-4 transaction per second.

In this case, Ethereum is a bit better at 20 transactions per second.

The scalability issue that blockchain based applications face is because each node of the network is required to come to a consensus for anything to pass through.

Here, EOS claims to compute millions of transactions per seconds as it uses DPOS (delegated proof of stake) consensus method.


EOS uses DPOS, so it is unlikely to happen the DAO’s attack which brought Ethereum to a standstill.

If a bug is found in a DApp, the elected block producer can stop it until the system is maintained.


EOS enables well-defined states of permission by integrating features such as Web toolkit for interface development, self-describing database schemas, self-describing interfaces, and a declarative permission method.

Parallel processing

In parallel processing, program actions are segmented among numerous processors. Due to this, the execution time of that program is greatly decreased. EOS give parallel processing of smart contracts through asynchronous communication, horizontal scalability, and interoperability.

EOS Blockchain: DApp Development

Free transactions

EOS doesn’t charge for each transaction. However, to use Computation, Bandwidth, and Storage, a sender is required to pay EOS tokens.


EOS can process thousands of transactions per second and carries the potential to scale in the future. EOS blockchain based applications can even scale to a live product with millions of users and provider improved user-experience.

Easy Upgrades and Bug fixing

EOS offers easy bug fixing as it enables the block produces to change the account’s code without requiring to hard fork the whole blockchain.

Inter blockchain communication

EOS can also bolster inter blockchain communication through the use of Proof of Action sequence. These proofs can be bind together with an application architecture to communicate with other blockchains.

Smart Contracts Development

To develop smart contracts, EOS uses Web Assembly (WASM) for compilation. Several languages like Python, Rust, and Solidity support WASM. However, for smart contract development EOS uses C++ programming language, which is considered high-performing and secure.

EOS DApp Development

EOS is a good platform for DApp development as it separates the authentication from execution. It means that a DApp can be frozen and fixed even after the deployment.

EOS also enables role-based permission. A wide array of the toolkit is made available to support the development.

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Why EOS Is Being Called the “Ethereum Killer”

Why Choose Oodles Blockchain EOS Blockchain Development Company?

Because of our special team of blockchain developers, we make our clients reach the level of satisfaction and service assurance.

Expert Blockchain Programmers

With the help of our expert blockchain programmers, we have become one of the fastest growing offshore EOS Blockchain Development Company. We offer customized services in all nodes providing the maximum customer experience and professional satisfaction.

Oodles of Experience

We have experience in abundance in the blockchain application development field in both domestic and international projects.

Commitment to delivering proficiency

One of our top priority is to deliver every project on time that we undertake.

Being an EOS blockchain development company, we understand the importance of time, and thus, we aim not to disappoint when it comes to project completion timeline.

In Conclusion:: EOS Blockchain Development Company

Although EOS seems to be a viable option and tough contender to Ethereum for DApp development, if you choose to have an in-house EOS Blockchain development company (team) for the development, it may cost you a fortune. Thus, opt for an offshore EOS Blockchain Development company. Then, you’ll only be required to oversee the development process and nothing else.

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