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Hyperledger is a large consortium of open-source blockchain platforms and a growing an array of tools. It is possible to achieve everything blockchain could do with Hyperledger based solutions. Backed by Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is a joint project of many major IT giants including IBM, Intel, and SAP. Due to is immense potential and increasing use cases, adoption of hyperledger frameworks are increasing sharply across diverse industry verticals. Along with rising demands of the technology, any hyperledger programmer gains massive traction. Blockchain development companies manage a team of experts to work exclusively in this technology.

Qualities of a Good Hyperledger Programmer

Finding quality hyperledger programmer is not comparable to searching a needle in a haystack. However, there are few aspects that determine the qualities of a good hyperledger programmer. Here are the primary ones:

  • A good hyperledger programmer must have a strong knowledge of diverse frameworks in this technology. There is an array of frameworks including Burrow, Fabric, Iroha, Sawtooth, Indy, and others for hyperledger development.
  • Hyperledger programmers should have deep knowledge of at least one tool used in this technology. There are several tools used to develop hyperledger applications. Caliper, Cello, Composer, Explorer are some common examples.
  • A good programmer is strongly associated with the community. Hyperledger allows memberships and any interested developer can join the growing community.
  • An expert hyperledger programmer closely follows the updates in the industry. Hyperledger organizes discussion forums and meetings. Although good programmers do not need to attend them regularly, they must be updated with the latest developments and technology traits.
  • Although Hyperledger is a new technology it is growing fast. Programmers should have experience in developing blockchain based solutions. Strong understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is a prerequisite to hyperledger programming.

How to Evaluate a Hyperledger Development Company?

A development company does not comprise of neophyte developers. It is supposed to possess a large and strong team of technologists as well as market experts. As far as a broad technology like Hyperledger is concerned, a development company is expected to have a robust workforce, both in quality and quantity.

Several aspects define the quality of a good hyperledger development company. Apart from a large portfolio in blockchain development, the company should have adequate experience of handling hyperledger projects from diverse industries as well as in contrasting use-cases. A good hyperledger company has the following aspects:

  • Strong Development Portfolio.
  • Technology expertise in multiple blockchain domains.
  • Adequate knowledge base and market research on the blockchain industry.
  • Effective development strategy, approach, and process.
  • Cost effective and transparent solutions.

The Extras from Oodles Blockchain

Since Hyperledger was introduced by Linux Foundation in 2015, Oodles Blockchain has been closely following the technology. We have developed several use cases of hyperledger as effective solutions for clients. Hyperledger can be used as an innovative option in various ways. We have a dedicated team for technology development with strong knowledge of this technology. Thanks to our expertise of its array of frameworks and tools. We know the appropriate ways to leverage them to offer the best solutions.

Oodles Blockchain has been a reliable technology partner of notable blockchain and hyperledger based enterprises.

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