OpenChain Blockchain Solutions

OpenChain is a highly scalable decentralized ledger technology that offers unified APIs for building secure crypto applications.


Looking for an across-the-board Blockchain Application Development at cost-effective rates? Use our expertise in OpenChain Blockchain to build seamless decentralized applications with flabbergasting features.
OpenChain is an open-source Blockchain-based ledger technology that uses the Partionned consensus mechanism and offers unified APIs to the developers for building Smart Contracts. The OpenChain technology is best suited for the organizations that wish to create and issue their own digital assets in a secure and decentralized manner. All transactions on the ledger are digitally signed just like any other digital currency. The OpenChain ledger runs on a specific set of rules that are defined by the administrator.

OpenChain Features

  • Security

    All transactions on OpenChain are secured by using digital signatures. A digital signature is assigned to each and every transaction which binds it to the digital data on the ledger.
  • Immutability & Scalability

    Just like any other distributed ledger technology, OpenChain forms an immutable record of transactions i.e no modification is permissible once the data is added to the ledger. Also, the Blockchain is easily expandable to accommodate any number of transactions.
  • Multi-signature Support

    OpenChain also supports multi-signature transactions. Permissions are granted through a list of public keys and a number of required signatures.
  • No Mining Fee

    In OpenChain network, all transactions are validated by the administrator rather than the miners. So there is no mining fee involved whatsoever. All transactions on OpenChain are validated in real-time by the administrator.

Use Cases of OpenChain

The OpenChain technology is disrupting many industries with its innovative aspects. The list includes:
Multichain blockchian solutions


Multichain blockchian solutions

Legal Industry

Multichain blockchian solutions

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Multichain blockchian solutions

Property & Real-estate

Multichain blockchian solutions

Supply Chain

Why Choose Oodles Blockchain For OpenChain Blockchain Development?

Oodles Technologies is one of the finest Blockchain Development Companies with an unmatched expertise in building world-class decentralized applications using OpenChain platform. We have a high competency in providing enterprise-wide solutions for a wide range of business-specific applications. We provide end-to-end Blockchain Development Solutions with the OpenChain Development Suite and we strive to bring excellence in our work through continuous efforts. Using the OpenChain APIs, we also develop Smart Contracts, Exchange Platforms and Wallet applications for popular cryptocurrencies.
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