Our in-house blockchain developers evaluate various blockchain technologies and frameworks to fulfill your specific business requirements. They build fast, secure, and scalable distributed ledger technology-based applications with blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, and EOS

Hyperleder blockchian solutions

Our Hyperledger application development solutions enable businesses to streamline their processes with transparent and efficient transactions. Our blockchain experts evaluate the multiple benefits of Hyperledger to apply them with technologies that fulfill your business requirements

Stellar blockchian solutions

We build fintech applications that provide fast, reliable,and low-cost payments with Stellar technology. Our Stellar app solutions range from advanced smart contracts to complex payment infrastructures with point-to-point transactions

EOS blockchian solutions

We develop decentralized EOS applications that facilitate high throughput operations with limited free transactions. Our EOS application development services enable a seamless and efficient transition of business processes from conventional technologies to blockchain based systems

BigchainDB blockchian solutions

We create highly secure, reliable and scalable solutions to enhance operational efficiency with our Ethereum app development services. They include designing and developing decentralized apps, ERC20 contracts, smart contracts, and much more for a variety of industries

NEM blockchain applications development

Oodles develops customized NEM blockchain applications with high throughput applications for stable, efficient and secure enterprise transactions

BigchainDB blockchian solutions

BigChainDB is a decentralized and immutable data storage software that works like a database with Blockchain characteristics. With a built-in asset support and query functionality, BigChain DB offers high throughput and low latency. Want to know how this tool can benefit your business?

Openchain blockchian solutions

OpenChain is a distributed ledger technology that enables various organizations to issue and manage digital assets in a secure and transparent manner. It incorporates the Partionned consensus mechanism and offers unified APIs to the developers for building Smart Contracts. The Blockchain developers at Oodles Technologies have hands-on experience in building superlative software applications using OpenChain Blockchain.

ripple blockchian solutions

One of the fastest growing Cryptocurrency networks, Ripple is also famous for its Enterprise-wide Distributed Ledger Solutions. It is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) and remittance network that aids in facilitating global online payments. We, at Oodles Technologies, use Ripple blockchain to build magnificent crypto based applications.

Steem blockchian solutions

Steem is a Blockchain-based social media platform which also has its own development portal and offers APIs to the developers for building scalable web and mobile applications fueled by its own Blockchain platform. Steem allows programming in JavaScript, Python and Ruby. Check out our expertise in Steem Blockchain App Development!

Multichain blockchain solution

MultiChain is a worldwide technology platform that allows you to create and establish new private Blockchains for various organizations to manage internal operations and financial transactions. The Blockchains created by MultiChain technology have their own native currencies and issued assets. Oodles Technologies specializes in using MultiChain platform to build high-octane Private Blockchains with top-notch security.

Iota blockchian solutions

IOTA is a permissionless distributed ledger technology that provides secure payments and real-time communications between various IoT devices. IOTA is built to foster Internet of things and to provide a better connectivity between the IoT devices. It enables feeless Peer-to-Peer transactions without the involvement of any third party, intermediary or central system. At Oodles Technologies, we leverage the flabbergasting aspects of IOTA technology to provide a holistic application development solution.

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