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Cryptocurrency Development landscape is dominating the financial system for the last few years; the blockchain technology has enabled the rise of new, decentralized digital currencies to yield exponential benefits.

Blockchain, the underlying mechanism of most cryptocurrencies, has set out to revolutionize various industries, specifically those with intrinsic transactional incompetencies.

However, mainly, it’s international, P2P (peer-to-peer) payment systems
that tasted early success.

Getting Acquainted with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency, also called virtual or digital currency, is the alternative for fiat money.

Cryptocurrencies work as P2P (peer-to-peer) monetary systems using them means of cryptography to handle the exchanges, instead of depending on a centralized authority.

Transactions get conducted in a shared online ledger. Further, digital wallets hold all the digital currency to protect from hacks and cyber threats.

Why is it relevant?

Blockchain technology is a digitized, de-centralized public ledger. It’s the mechanism that supports all cryptocurrencies for their financial and non-financial use.

Advancements in Cryptocurrency application development services
have experienced pilots in various industries like food, global logistics, healthcare, real estate, international finance and so on.

The potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development solutions could transform many industries overnight, as well as provide almost discarded investment possibilities. They can enable transactions that are:

  • Instant
  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Low-fee or
  • Free transactions
  • Anywhere in the
  • at any time

The global cryptocurrency market is going through a period of enormous and sustained growth.

There’s an increase by the millisecond in the total value of all the world’s cryptocurrency. Also, new altcoin creation and solution present a
huge investment opportunity.

Explaining the jargons of Cryptocurrency Development


Cryptocurrency transactions are much quicker and more secure when compared to conventional transfers.

Crypto ecosystem also aims to minimize, or even eradicate transfer fees, based on the procedure and exchange used.


Cryptocurrencies, designed to be completely anonymous, eliminate the risk of card or Identity Theft.

For creating a permanent record of all transactions, Blockchains utilizes DLT (Distributed ledger technology), to ensure security against faked transactions.

New transactions

New transactions (blocks), before they are added to the shared database (chain), need be verified by multiple Users. Thus, making it difficult (or even impossible) to adjust a simulated record of a transaction.


Loosely translated as ‘hidden writing,’ cryptography is the basis of all cryptocurrency.

In computer science, modern cryptography utilizes complex algorithms
for encryption and decryption of data and communications.

Cryptographic Hash

It’s the alphanumeric code, the digital pattern of the decipherable information. It gets created using a cryptographic cipher.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Crypto Exchanges are Marketplace where you exchange your cryptocurrencies for fiat money or vice-versa.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet stores cryptocurrency (sometimes more than one type of cryptocurrency).

Each wallet creates two varieties of code: one is the public code used for receiving currency, another is the private code used for
sending it.


Any cryptocurrency, except the Bitcoin, can be referred to as an Altcoin.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO means the launch of a new Cryptocurrency in the crypto world. Similar to a traditional IPO, ICO intends to accelerate the pre-sale of coins of the newly mined altcoin or cryptocurrency.
It works as an instrument to raise funds for the development of the platform.

The Relevance of Top Cryptocurrency Development Company in the US and India

Employing cryptocurrency development services from an offshore, top Cryptocurrency Development Company in the US and India has numerous benefits.

Firstly, your local guy perhaps would charge more than outsourcing the development from an offshore company.

Secondly, you may resort to employ an in-house team and manage all the hassles that come associated with it.

On the contrary, hiring a top Cryptocurrency Development Company in the US and India may save you from spending time on all the steps and direct your focus on your prime business aspects, rather than indulging in the development process.

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