The Boons of Integrating Blockchain and Smart Contract in Finance

Published : Jun 19, 2018

blockchain and smart contract in finance

  • Traditional finance depends on paper-based systems and involves intermediaries. It leads to inefficiency, lack of privacy, and fraud. Blockchain and smart contracts can bring automation to different processes in finance. Businesses can also use blockchain and smart contracts in finance to use crypto, tokenize assets, and more. This article gives more detail about smart contract development in various finance-related fields. 

    How are Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Finance | Disrupting Banking and Investing

    Applying for a credit card or a bank account is no less than a crazy legalese contract affair. Financial institutions provide hundreds of pages to read that are somewhat difficult to understand. Such contracts are full of holes as they allow space for interpretation, thus, are a complete waste.

    Fortunately, smart contracts bear no such above-mentioned characteristics. A smart contract is a simple software code that works as a controller. For instance, a smart contract only controls its output data, such as a cryptocurrency.

    In addition, a dApp developer encodes all the requirements into the smart contract, leaving no space for any interpretation. Then, even a dApp developer won't be able to modify it.

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    Blockchain and Smart Contract in Finance | Applying the Concept to the Real World

    A smart contract has various qualities; it's smart, secure, fast, and private. A fine technology that's completely applicable to the theoretical world. 

    Businesses can use a blockchain and a smart contract to revolutionize the finance sector. Developers will need to code smart contracts that are both sensible and valuable. These computer programs will have to be beneficial for both the consumer and the service provider.

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    Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Finance to Save Millions 

    Smart individuals are looking for ways to yield the benefits of new technological advancements, including smart contracts. 

    In fact, even Forbes has declared that a smartly developed smart contract can save a fortune if used in Fintech. Banks can even save up to $10 billion a year by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. By using a program code that has the capability to execute automatic operations when pre-defined conditions or requirements aren't met (for instance, if A does B, then execute condition C).

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    A Smart Contract is a Must-Have for a Treasurer

    A smart contract enables a developer to build a system for a treasurer that automatically alerts him about a suspicious transaction. This aspect of the smart contract makes it extremely valuable for the person who has a task to provide financial oversight.


    The use of blockchain and smart contracts in finance can save millions of bucks and countless hours of work and costs. Further, the combination of these disruptive technologies will add value to the customer as well by drastically solving billing disputes. 

    Need assistance in developing a blockchain-based smart contract for your financial institution? blockchain developers at Oodles can help you out. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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