Developing an Advanced DeFI (Decentralized Finance) Wallet

Published : Sep 21, 2021

DeFI Wallet

  • Despite early reservations about DeFi, it appears that decentralized finance has successfully established itself in the market. DeFi's many advantages, including transparency, autonomy, availability, and the absence of third parties, make it popular among users. DeFi wallets are blockchain-based means for storing crypto funds. They are essentially the fundamental medium for DeFi platforms and users to connect.  In this post, we'll look at some of the most important factors to consider when creating a DeFi wallet, one of the most common types of DeFi projects and crypto wallet development.

    What are Non-Custodial DeFI Wallets

    A non-custodial DeFi wallet promotes the idea of decentralization by enabling users to gain complete control over their crypto funds and private keys. It assures that you are solely responsible for your financial management. Unlike centralized wallets supplied by exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance, which store your funds on exchange accounts, DeFi wallets give you complete control over your assets. You also don't have to submit personal information or go through checks and verifications to keep and manage funds using a DeFi wallet. It requires only a public address of users to enable them to participate in various DeFi projects. It does not disclose any personal data of users.

    Experts suggest that non-custodial DeFI wallets provide enough security and control to users over how they store, use, and manage their funds. However, this comes with a greater level of responsibility. For instance, in any circumstances, if a user fails to remember their private wallet key, they cannot ever recover the stored funds in the wallet. Furthermore, custodial wallets are frequently more user-friendly than decentralized wallets. Therefore, developers at Oodles suggest developing a DeFi wallet with a highly advanced, secure, and user-friendly interface.

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    The Increasing Importance of DeFi Wallets the DeFi Space

    DeFi wallets are asset management solutions that are essential to the DeFi ecosystem's survival. They are non-custodial, which allows for flexibility, transparency, and accessibility, ushering in the concept of "owning one's bank." Users can easily access several activities with DeFi Wallets, including buying and selling tokens, token exchange, Dapp engagement, trade, borrowing and lending, and more.

    Basic and Supplementary Functions of DeFI Wallets

    Advanced User Interface

    When constructing your DeFi wallet, have more attention to the user panel, as the quality of your project's development will determine its success. The following are the features that you should focus on integrating into this panel:

    Keep User Registration Simple

    Make it intuitive and easy for users to sign up along with making their information management secure. Simultaneously, it would be beneficial if users could immediately configure all relevant aspects (seed phrase, security settings, selected cryptocurrencies, input/output methods, and so on) during registration.

    Ensure Effortless Funds Transfer 

    Establish a system that makes it effortless for users to transfer funds. It is because a DeFi Wallet is a crypto asset management app and should be easily accessible. They should also be able to create contact information for future payments.

    Enable Checking of Account Balance within a few Clicks  

    Another fantastic feature that no wallet should miss integrating. It must ensure the balance window is visible on the start screen. You'll also want to be able to adjust the look, the list of crypto-addresses, and the rates of selected crypto-currencies.

    Allow using a Bank Card for Fund Deposits and Withdrawals

    Any cryptocurrency wallet must provide the ability to add funds to a wallet account using a debit or credit card. They should be able to withdraw money using it too.

    Facilitate Accounts Linking

    This feature dramatically speeds up and simplifies the process of depositing/withdrawing funds. However, keep in mind that this information is private, so make sure it is well-protected and that no one has access to it (even you).

    Ensure Quick Recent Transactions Feature

    This feature allows you to keep track of your transactions and spending, as well as review your daily or monthly activity. It would be fantastic to add various categories and filters to this functionality to make examining the transaction history more convenient.

    Provide Offers and Promotions

    You can also offer users additional incentives and discounts for DeFi services such as money, vouchers, bonus points, loyalty points, and other items. Not only will this boost user engagement, but it will also increase user loyalty.

    Integrate Reviews and Ratings

    They'll tell you which aspects of your software's design and functionality need to be enhanced.

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    Admin Control Panel

    An admin is responsible for the management of DeFi wallets. It should only be accessible to you and trusted staff (administrators). The following are the features that you must include in your DeFi wallet admin panel:

    Authorization and Verification

    You must implement security standards at every level to ensure that everything is in order and that you or your employee is who they say they are.

    Management of Profiles

    Ensure that data about the profiles and transactions that move through your wallet is traceable: amount, volume, average speed, and so on. The administrator can obtain all information about users and manage them (ban, delete).

    Analyses in Depth

    The data for a DeFi wallet should be present in a clear and easy-to-understand format (tables, dashboards, graphs, etc.). It aids in the analysis of the service's work.

    Discounts and Special Offers

    Allows you to design and organize a variety of offers to boost consumer loyalty and engagement.

    Customer Support 

    Administrators will utilize this panel to contact users if they have any issues.

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    Additional Capabilities

    In addition to these fundamental characteristics, the DeFi wallet your design may include additional features that enhance the user experience and broaden your audience. The following are some of these characteristics:

    Integration of a Chatbot

    It is essential these days to have chatbots. It makes providing customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week efficient.

    In-built App Camera

    Scanning QR codes will allow users to receive/send links for deposit/withdrawal funds and validate other crucial acts, such as payment for a DeFi service. Thus, ensure that the wallet has an in-built app camera.

    An OTP (One-time-password) System

    Facilitate generating a one-time password for the user's registered mobile phone number whenever they want to make a payment. It will make the DeFI wallet more secure.


    Enable users to get notifications about money made and received, recent transactions, excellent deals, and other significant occurrences.

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    At Oodles, we want to provide everyone globally with access to an essentially endless amount of decentralized financial products and services as a top DeFi Wallet Development Company. Oodles offers customized crypto DeFi wallet development services to meet your specific needs.

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