Blockchain in Retail | Significant Applications and Use Cases

Published : Jun 17, 2021

blockchain applications and use cases in the retail industry (1)

  • Blockchain solutions development that has the potential to transform the retail business in the future. After progressively gaining acceptance over the years, the technology sparked widespread interest in 2015, with retailers incorporating it into their business strategies. Let's look at how blockchain will evolve and affect the retail industry.

    What is Blockchain, and why is it Important for the Retail Industry?

    Blockchain, also known as "distributed ledger technology," allows users in a distributed network to keep a copy of an immutable ledger of transactions and execute transactions without the use of a third party.

    This means that, among other things, blockchain lets shops better track the provenance of merchandise, offers them more control over what they sell, and ensures food safety. Changes to data, such as manufacturing dates and locations, may be tracked, allowing it to govern supply chains. This could assist to eliminate the use of shady vendors, low-quality ingredients, and child labor.

    Blockchain could also aid in the prevention of counterfeiting and secondary ticketing, as well as reducing the risk of insider threats and improving customer loyalty programs.

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    What is the Impact of Blockchain on the Retail Industry?

    Blockchain is already being used in retail by several companies. Walmart, a multinational retail firm based in the United States, has embraced blockchain in several trial initiatives, including a food safety agreement with IBM. By September 2019, all leafy green vegetable suppliers for Sam's and Walmart will have uploaded their data to a corporate blockchain ledger.

    Amazon, the world's most powerful retailer, has released blockchain solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a fully-managed service that makes it simple to build and operate large blockchain networks using open-source frameworks.

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    Blockchain Applications and Use Cases in Retail

    Inventory Management Done Right

    If retailers wish to improve their overall efficiency, they must use appropriate inventory management. In the retail industry, blockchain can help companies manage their inventories more efficiently. It will also save them a lot of money because it can automate the process of product shortages or surpluses based on real-time consumer demand. We think it's a fantastic application for the retail industry.

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    Customer Identity Management that is Improved

    The majority of retail businesses employ a vulnerable client-server networking model. As a result, manipulating that data and gaining access to consumer credit card or bank account information is rather simple. This is a blatant violation of state law and a major invasion of privacy.

    To address this issue, businesses in the retail sector can employ blockchain technology to secure customer data. They can, in fact, provide authentication processes in the system and keep all data in immutable storage. As a result, only the customer will have access to their information, and no third party will be able to penetrate the network and misuse it. Almost every industry can profit from blockchain technology.

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    Counterfeiting and Fraud Prevention

    In the retail industry, blockchain can help avoid goods fraud and counterfeiting. But the problem isn't just about the money; it's also about the brand damage that comes with selling counterfeit goods.

    Retailers can monitor their items from producers using blockchain technology for fraud prevention, ensuring that they receive the genuine product every time. This, in turn, may make it easier for them to deal with counterfeit goods in the long run.

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    Assisting with Product Provenance

    Another aspect of blockchain in retail is the ability to track goods' provenance. Consumers are currently wary of anything they purchase. That's understandable, as customers have a right to expect more when they're paying for it. On the other hand, retailers can only submit the “manufactured in xxx” seal on the container as proof of origin.

    Since a result of the use of blockchain, businesses can finally provide provenance, as consumers can trace or view the whole supply chain of a single product. It will begin with the providers and conclude with the purchaser. Customers will be able to get the provenance they desire right now, and they will be able to spend their money on a legitimate product.

    It's tough to use blockchain as leverage without a good business model in mind. To understand more about developing blockchain, have a look at our ultimate blockchain implementation strategy.

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    Smart Contract Management

    This industry's growth is hampered by a lack of proper supplier channel maintenance. In actuality, the payment process for shipping, including verification and processing, takes a long time. On the other hand, this lengthy process may deter many providers from delivering within the given time frame. As a result, it may result in significant losses for retailers.

    Smart contract development, on the other hand, is one of the best aspects of blockchain in retail use cases. In reality, many retail businesses may rely on smart contracts to ensure payment. They can make a payment guarantee that will simply take a few minutes to complete. As a result, suppliers will be motivated to complete the shipment before the deadline.

    Reducing Cyber-attacks 

    The retail industry is frequently subjected to security concerns. As a result, a security breach might result in significant economic loss. Furthermore, it will imply that consumers would lose trust in firms when it comes to their personal information, which will reflect poorly on the brand.

    However, if blockchain is used in this circumstance, the situation could significantly change. No security breach will be conceivable since blockchain can provide high-security procedures to combat cyber-attacks. As a result, by protecting the network from a third-party organization, blockchain can begin to enhance income.

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     Loyalty Programs That Work

    Loyalty programs can also benefit from blockchain. Many retail companies now have loyalty programs in place that allow them to interact with a much larger audience while also keeping their existing customers happy with their products. However, loyalty systems have inefficiencies as well. Most of the time, they have inconsistencies in their policies that prevent customers from receiving reward points.

    Furthermore, even if a customer is eligible for points, they may not receive them due to system incompatibility. Retailers, on the other hand, may automate the entire process using blockchain's smart contracts. They can simply pre-program the rules in a smart contract, and if a customer fulfills all of the conditions, he or she will receive the points immediately.

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    If you work in the retail sector, now is the moment to embrace modern technology and all of its advantages. Get in touch with our blockchain development experts to figure out how to get started in this growing field.

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