Using Smart Contracts for Business Efficiency with Resilience

Published : Sep 16, 2020

Applications of Blockchain Smart Contracts in Your business

  • Smart contracts serve as a significant component of blockchain technology-based solutions. They are self-executing business contracts that run on a blockchain. Blockchain developers translate lines of code as a business agreement on a blockchain like Ethereum or Hyperledger between two or more parties. A smart contract can reside on either a permissioned, private, or public blockchain network. Due to being powered by the emerging technology, the execution of transactions among anonymous parties by smart contracts does not require a central entity, legal authority, or external compliance mechanism. Blockchain also makes smart contracts transactions traceable, permanent, and trusted. Essentially, smart contract development provides a business a straightforward and hassle-free way to trade money or anything of value while eliminating any intermediary.

    Smart Contract Solutions Facilitate


    It is because of the decentralized structure of blockchain smart contracts do not require intermediaries to perform transactions. They reside as a code in the distributed database, thus, visible to every permissioned node in the network. A secure blockchain network ensures the management of a smart contract solution. Also, no one can alter any value of a smart contract once a blockchain has executed it.


    A smart contract ensures that an initiator no longer has to involve himself in the process once it gets executed. A smart contract is self-governing and does not rely on any central server or intermediary for a contract execution between transacting parties.


    Smart contracts can automate receiving capital, conducting transactions, assigning resources, investment, and more automatically.

    Smart Contracts | Advantages for a Business

    They do away with the human error element because of being inherently decentralized. As no single authority regulates these contracts, it ensures low risks of data manipulation. There is no need for manual processing of transactions because developers program them as computer codes. As a result, it amplifies the flexibility and acceleration of the work process. 

    Another benefit of smart contracts is that they do not rely on any third-party intermediary. It brings down the cost of transactions. Different industries use smart contracts to create a whole new business model.

    Businesses may incorporate automatic access to storage facilities, logistics, or something else that has a manual constraint, using smart contracts. With smart contracts, consumers can make purchases electronically in a trouble-free manner. Efficiency gains and integrating trust are two of the smart contract's main advantages.

    Working of a Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts are codes operated by straightforward statements "if-then" and "if-then-else." Once executed, a blockchain platform collects data about them and stores their entire transaction history in an immutable manner. The code gets executed when involved parties fulfill predetermined business conditions. Conditions can be internal or external to the smart contract.

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    The Concept of Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts can respond to various triggers that enable them to perform tasks as necessary. Another specialty of a smart contract is that it is precise and doesn't leave any space for confusion and ambiguity — it's all straightforward.

    A smart contract is generated and shared with multiple systems or users via a protocol. It allows for real-time communication between different users and systems. The network validates the whole process with consensus and executes them after reaching it. For adding a new data block to the chain, the system combines various types of elements like data, transactions, records, or cryptocurrencies. It is not possible to alter all this kind of data, but authorized parties can analyze that from time to time. It can then perform the tasks assigned to it. Usually, smart contracts are reactive and will respond only when an external event gets triggered beyond a smart contract.

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    Application Ares of Smart Contracts

    However, as it is in the primary phase of business integration, only qualified programmers are now able to exploit this technology. A smart contract needs in-depth computer programming experience. The method consists of running various servers, synchronizing the blockchain network, and executing command lines.

    The process has now got streamlined and aspects like protection, cost reduction, increased speed, and impeccable scalability can be ensured. 

    An organization can get all these features even without going deep into the complexities of writing its codes and designing programs. Smart contracts help you automate simplification processes, rather than manually doing it. Consequently, business owners get a holistic view and management of their companies. They get a glimpse into various business processes and transactions. In the business world, smart contracts have almost infinite potential.

    Smart Contract in Business | Use Cases

     All those industries that deal with transactions and record-keeping can use blockchain smart contracts. Blockchain technology is commonly used by the financial services industry to ensure checked and safe financial transactions. With the implementation of smart contracts, numerous other verticals such as healthcare, e-commerce, supply chain, crowd finance, and advertising are finding technology applications. They can keep a record of terms of agreements with the aid of smart contracts and automate the steps towards the target.

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    Crypto-based E-commerce Transactions

    A smart contract can generate crypto-currencies, as well. In the e-commerce industry, stakeholders can use cryptocurrencies for payments. It can reduce risks associated with using payment processors and third-party vendor facilities. With smart contracts, B2B transactions can be advantageous. E-commerce giant Alibaba is also using blockchain technology in its network to detect duplicate goods.

    Supply Chain Management

    Industry supply chains have multiple layers of business operations, including warehouse, distribution, airlines, inventory, shippers, shipping, and more. The interactions and the entire shipping process can get streamlined by using smart contracts effectively. With much more transparency, the industry can expand. A blockchain-based supply chain will allow users to check their orders and track the whole process. There will be accurate confirmation on the successful delivery of the shipped products through the implementation of smart contracts.

    Healthcare Solutions

    The healthcare sector needs more transparency when it comes to data storage and sharing. Blockchain will help accomplish that objective. Healthcare services can create greater trust in their patients. Blockchain technology can help hospitals generate a safe and reliable health report that they can share with relevant stakeholders.

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    Start-ups typically rely on fundraising through crowd finance. But the restriction is the high fee that intermediary platforms charge. But smart contracts will remove these intermediaries and serve as a factor of confidence between investors and start-up owners.


    Similarly, the real-estate sector has been battling for years against accountability, bribery, and misleading public records. We may take out the need for costly transaction fees by decentralizing the process and using smart contracts, thus, reducing the closing costs.

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    You may use it once when you think about how your company can benefit from cutting out all the intermediaries and how smart contracts will increase your business performance. Smart contracts minimize data abuse and duplicity, minimize litigation-related delays, help get rid of audit costs, and so on. We provide blockchain application development services that can enable you to leap into the world of smart contacts and maximize the profitability of your company. 

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