Supply Chain Development with Blockchain in 2023

Published : Mar 15, 2023

blockchain for supply chain in 2023

  • Due to the globalization of the market, supply networks have become more complicated than ever. The majority of supply chain managers claim to only be able to see their top-tier vendors and not the upstream supply chain.

    Any company with a supply chain must efficiently and precisely handle all of the various suppliers, manufacturers, customers, and logistics at the same time. However, transparency and workflow are reduced as intricacy rises. It appears difficult to effectively and efficiently maintain the functioning of supply chains because the global market's future scenario predicts greater complexity.

    The use of blockchain development services for supply chain management has started to look appealing more than ever in 2023 due to the complexity of current supply networks as well as their lack of transparency and speed. 

    We will look at the best use cases for blockchain technology in the supply chain, its benefits to the industry, and how it can be applied to supply chains in the year 2023.

    How Blockchain Works in the Supply Chain

    In the blockchain network, supply chain transactions are either started by authorized participants in the chain or automatically enforced by smart contracts in response to predefined events. Supply chains primarily rely on permissioned blockchains to reduce security risks, allowing only known and trusted supply chain members with special rights to validate data on supply chain events and transactions. Specific user groups, like end users, are only permitted to view data on the blockchain network.

    Blockchain data is kept in time-stamped blocks that are connected chronologically after being verified and encrypted with a hash function. As a singular source of truth for tracing supply chain activities and confirming the provenance of assets and inventory, the blocks come together to create a distributed ledger. 

    The shared ledger is maintained by each authorized network user and is automatically updated as new data is added. Utilizing web and/or mobile apps tailored to their respective roles, supply chain participants communicate with the blockchain to transact and trace data. 

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    Supply Chain Applications of Blockchain Technology

    Although cryptocurrency may not seem as reliable to supply chain managers, they do believe that blockchain has the potential to revamp supply chains. 

    As per Gartner, "90% of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Initiatives Will Suffer ‘Blockchain Fatigue’ by 2023. However, it seems like businesses are overcoming this fatigue, and have started piloting and implementing the technology.

    Businesses are utilizing blockchain technology in various areas and supply chain steps. However, it is still too early to state that it dominates supply chains.

    We have elaborated on a few instances where blockchain can transform the supply chain in 2023:

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    Supply Chain Administration

    Supply chain administration can be made easier by blockchain's transparency, traceability, speed, and consensus features.

    Based on its capabilities for information processing and sharing, blockchain unifies the supply chain's communication networks on a single platform.

    Additionally, a study found that blockchain can help lower the risk of some supply chain disruptions caused by behavioral unpredictability, fraud risk, data loss, human error, operational risk, and informational asymmetries.

    As a result, it can significantly improve supply chain administration and monitoring.

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    Lowering Costs

    Blockchain enables effortless international trade. Businesses can escape intermediaries as a result.

    They can avoid wastingH1 Banner H1 Banner time and money by eliminating stages that are unnecessary but add to the overall cost.

    Strengthened Product Recall

    Blockchain makes it simpler for supply networks to control product recalls by facilitating the identification and location of the affected goods during the process.

    This is made possible by its traceability and transparency features. As a result, the recalling procedure can become quicker and less expensive.

    Cutbacks on Counterfeiting

    For the quality and dependability checks of goods, provenance is crucial. The provenance of goods can be accurately verified thanks to blockchain technology. It enables traceability of every stage within a supply chain. As a result, it lessens counterfeiting by enabling a quick check of the product's provenance.

    A 2016 OECD research found that counterfeit and pirated goods made up 6.8% of all EU imports and 3.3% of global trade.

    This shows that there is a grave need to fight counterfeiting, which blockchain technology can do. 

    Additionally, because every transaction is subject to authentication, blockchain can prevent documentation fraud by validating licenses and official papers.

    Upholding Ethical Standards and Principles

    Consumers are now more conscious of the social standards they demand from the companies they buy their goods from.

    60% of consumers claim that they look for brands that are consistent with their sense of purpose and sustainability. They study a company's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies before making a purchase.

    Customers want proof that the goods they are purchasing do not go through unethical manufacturing and delivery procedures.

    They can know the origins of their goods and how they are made and shipped thanks to blockchain traceability.

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    Transactions can be verified, noted, and managed autonomously without the involvement of third parties using these smart contracts.

    As a result, a component of complexity for global supply networks is reduced.

    Some transportation providers, including DHL, are considering integrating blockchain technology into their operations. 

    Supply Proof of Validity

    Blockchain can enable tracking and traceability of the origins of raw materials and finished goods. It can facilitate attestation of their quality and origin, guaranteeing their authenticity, and avoiding losses due to counterfeit and gray market goods.

    Management of Supply Chain Compliance

    An unchangeable audit trail of all supply chain data and transactions, automated compliance checks against internal, international, industry- and region-specific regulations, and a way to satisfy regulatory demands for information on the provenance of products are possible with blockchain.

    Inventory Control

    Inventory movement between facilities and its use during various production stages can be tracked and recorded. Also, stock availability across locations has become verifiable to facilitate efficient inventory management and prompt replenishment.

    Management of Claims

    Blockchain enables complete traceability of supply chain data and transactions to ensure evidence of the origin and provenance of the goods. It further facilitates quality recall procedures for quicker claim resolution and prevents further distribution of faulty, unsafe goods.

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    Are you Interested in Developing blockchain for supply chains?

    Utilize Oodles' in-depth experience in developing blockchain software as well as its in-depth understanding of the supply chain industry. Our blockchain development experts can help you launch a competitive blockchain-based supply chain solution in 2023.

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