Blockchain Technology Integration for Business Intelligence

Published : Jan 22, 2021

Blokchain integration in business

  • A range of businesses can enjoy the benefits of blockchain development solutions. We have discussed the key benefits resulting from the integration of blockchain technology in this article.

    Blockchain is proving to be a crucial transformation enabler and the foundation stone for new growth. Blockchain technology, praised for its numerous features, provides a transparent and decentralized network. Businesses can use it to enhance current business operations while creating more powerful and efficient business opportunities. In these times of a pandemic, it has become mandatory for businesses to gain a competitive advantage. It has become imperative to adapt to the changes. Indeed, blockchain technology is the revolution that every business is watching.

    Blockchain Integration in Business | Benefits

    One of the key reasons most businesses embrace modern technology is that they want to gain the competitive advantage of the industry and want to offer value for money to their consumers at the same time. It's becoming simple with blockchain integration. Technology provides a shared network with a distributed ledger in which time-stamping techniques ensure that the information remains secure and traceable.

    For various business functionalities, all these features of blockchain technology make it useful. Some of the notable blockchain features that can drive your business growth include the following:

    • Transparency
    • Decentralization
    • Interaction between peers-to-peers
    • Data security
    • Traceability
    • Immutability
    • Encryption
    • Consensus

    Blockchain technology aims to create a transparent growth and development environment in which people can trust the digital data exchange platform.

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    Blockchain Integration in Business | Applications


    blockchain integration- applications

    Source: E-Zigurat

    Supply Chain Management

    An influential part in determining the success of a business is the capability of its supply chain. Large or small, regardless of the size, maintaining a successful supply chain is critical. Not only it guarantees the timely delivery of items but the authenticity of products as well. The job becomes much more streamlined with blockchain integration. Blockchain supply chain development provides a transparent network in which any data exchange becomes time-stamped. Blockchain stores them in chronological order. It makes it easy for everyone in the network to monitor relevant details. This whole system functions with the IoT and blockchain integration.

    Assuring Quality and Trust

    Quality assurance is another field in which blockchain technology is proving useful. Companies want their clients to have a value-for-money product, and technology assists in this efficiently. We all know that with blockchain technology, information tracking becomes simple. Integrating products' manufacture to delivery cycle with the blockchain ledger enables the traceability of the origin. To help them know the past of a specific product, the client may use Blockchain and QR codes.

    Global Transactions involving B2B

    Blockchain integration prevents cross-border transactions from vulnerabilities like a fraud. It ensures so with features like disintermediation, immutability, consensus, and more.

    Blockchain-based payments decrease costs due not only because of the reduced interference of third parties but also a fewer implementation of other security measures.

    Smart Contract Solutions

    Smart contract development is another area where blockchain technology can be useful for business. It always takes several days for the money transfer after signing the agreement. However, technology promises to make this process simplified. Smart contracts make this happen. These are pre-programmed contracts between the two parties who want to settle transactions on business terms and conditions.

    Once conditions meet, a smart contract triggers to execute business terms involving money transactions. One doesn't have to wait for a third party's approval or confirmation. The whole system becomes fully-proof with little to no intervention from the third party, and at the same time, it also saves the expense and time that goes into verifying and validating a transaction.

    Public Handling of Documents

    As blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger, it becomes possible to hold immutable and tamper-proof records. Business intelligence can change in a real sense, especially when it comes to securing record-based databases.

    Key Considerations

    Make sure that you approach each discussion with a game plan and precise questions about system specifications. For some business uses, technology is outstanding, but it also does not make sense to others.

    blockchain integration- applications

    Source: Wipro

    Scalability Challenges

    One crucial aspect to consider is that your business, with the distributed ledger technology and the platform on which you will deploy your solution, should be scalable and efficient. Before moving into development, get answers to these questions. How many users does your network have? Who's going to have the data access? How many transactions today, tomorrow, and five years later will it require on the blockchain network?

    Access to Developers

    Blockchain is modern technology, and thereby, it can be daunting to find developers familiar with the ecosystem of languages and technologies for programming. Indeed, you'll want to make sure that the framework you select encourages developers to work with their preferred coding languages. It should enable developers to work efficiently with a healthy ecosystem of tools and libraries. It helps you avoid the need to outsource work that can sometimes be expensive and inefficient for growth.

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    Community Engagement

    In the same vein as developer access, does a strong developer community have the technology framework you want? When it comes to introducing new products or finding bugs in a new protocol, these software groups may provide invaluable input and support.

    Adaptability limitations

    The blockchain application that you are introducing today will need to communicate with tomorrow's technologies. Moreover, the complexity and requirements of your systems will change as your company expands. Therefore, you need to ask yourself which data systems may need to communicate. Also, determine the roles they play to retain driving value for your business.

    At this stage, Oodles' objective is to develop a level of integration tools and services to keep the organization and its data well placed to communicate with and benefit from this rapidly changing technological environment.

    Security Mechanisms

    From a security standpoint, many emerging inventions take years for proper vetting. Additionally, it includes factors like peer-review of the security and cryptography technologies on which your platform depends, technology ready for deployment, and testing the proof-of-concept. Also, conducting audits on security and code quality is essential.

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    What's Next

    Blockchain technology creates enormous opportunities for innovation and transformation in business with enhanced collaboration, improved security, and increased productivity. However, it has problems, like any emerging technology, in the form of unproven implementations, a lack of expert expertise, high initial development costs, and a greater degree of trial and error.

    Our blockchain experts specialize in addressing critical market issues with the latest innovations. To reinvent current business processes, speed cycle time, and reduce risk, we provide blockchain integration to many different use cases in the enterprise. We understand how you can and can not use Blockchain Integration Services.

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